Selecting a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Spokane

March 11, 2018

If you’ve been arrested, you don’t want to walk into the courtroom that your case has been assigned to alone. The case will probably be continued, and you’ll be told to come back on your next court date with an attorney. If you haven’t spoken with an attorney yet about what you’re charged with and what it’s punishable by, you’re overdue. Now is the time. Our Spokane criminal defense lawyers offer free consultations and case reviews, so you don’t need to worry about any type of a consultation fee. An experienced criminal defense attorney from our offices will be able to explain the charges against you. You’ll also learn about how cases typically progress through the criminal courts along with any defenses to your case.

What a Criminal Defense Attorney Does

A criminal defense attorney might be everything from an investigator to a litigator. We don’t care if we get our hands dirty. A good criminal defense attorney leaves no stone unturned in an investigation. He or she will assess the crime scene, interview witnesses, research cases and statutes in connection with your case and develop a case strategy based on their extensive knowledge and experience in criminal defense. Motions to quash your arrest or exclude evidence illegally seized are common defense motions in criminal cases. Depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding in the case, your attorney might draft and argue these types of motions on your behalf. If your case goes to trial, you’ll want to be confidant that you’ve selected a respected and seasoned trial lawyer arguing your side of the case who both prosecutors and judges are familiar with.

You’ll Want an Experienced and Effective Communicator

Most criminal defense attorneys that you come across handle misdemeanors and lower level felonies. Depending on what you’re charged with, you might want somebody who concentrates their practice on more serious crimes like sexual assault, embezzlement or crimes of violence. Look into our law firm. Our communication skills with prosecutors, judges and jurors are excellent. We have extensive experience and countless successes in everything from lower level misdemeanors to felonies that are punishable by prison sentences.

Our Objective

Take advantage of the free consultation and case assessment that we offer. We’ll listen to you carefully and consider the evidence. Then we’ll tell you what we think we might be able to do for you. We realize that you’re nervous after your arrest. That’s understandable. We also realize that educational, housing and job opportunities can be impacted by a conviction. Our objective is to minimize any consequences of an arrest for you, and if we feel that police overreached, or you’re truly innocent of any crime at all, we have no issue with pushing toward dismissal or a not guilty verdict.

Contact a Spokane Criminal Defense Lawyer

Preserve and protect your rights, and insist on contacting our Spokane Criminal Defense Lawyers after any arrest. Don’t give any type of a statement or confession. You’re only giving up valuable rights and helping the prosecution with it’s case against you if you do. Exercise your right to remain silent, and insist on contacting us right away after any arrest.

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