Ford Explorer Allegedly Runs Red Light, Injures Three People in Spokane

June 1, 2018

A three-car crash in Spokane injured three people on May 31, 2018. Local police say speeding and running a red light contributed to this accident.

According to The Spokesman-Review, this crash happened at 10:15AM at the intersection of Ash Street and Garland Avenue. Allegedly, the driver of a Ford Explorer traveling west sped through a red light and hit two cars (one SUV and one sedan) that were traveling southbound on Ash Street. Although the Explorer driver tried to flee the scene, an eyewitness apparently ran after him.

The drivers of the SUV and sedan as well as one passenger were transported to a local hospital with injuries. Thankfully, all three of these crash victims are expected to survive. The Explorer driver had no injuries from the crash and is now working with the police.

Spokane’s Photo Red Program: An Initiative For Safer Intersections

Spokane law enforcement is currently involved in the Photo Red program. The goal of this initiative is to step up enforcement of the state’s policy on running red lights and tracking violators using red light cameras at various intersections. To be precise, the city now has ten red light cameras installed at various intersections. Anyone who doesn’t stop completely at a red light will be captured on these cameras and fined in the mail.

Numerous studies have shown that red light cameras dramatically reduce the incidence of red light running in cities across America. One study in Philadelphia found that red light cameras were able to bring the number of drivers who drove through a red light down by an incredible 96 percent. Yet another study examining red light cameras in California and Virginia found that red light running went down by 40 percent.

A few of the locations you’ll find red light cameras on include Westbound 2nd Ave. at Walnut Street, Southbound Browne Street at 3rd Avenue, and Northbound Hamilton Street at Mission Avenue. To find a full list of red light cameras in the city and more info on the Photo Red program please visit this link. You can also read more about Washington State’s red light laws in the Revised Code of Washington §46.61.050.

Think CCD Law After Any Car Crash

While initiatives like the Photo Red program are encouraging, there are still many crashes on Spokane’s roads every year. Unfortunately, none of us can predict when a negligent driver will run a red light and send us to an emergency room. If you or a loved one was involved in a serious car crash in Spokane County, it’s in your best interest to speak to an experienced Spokane car accident lawyer.

The attorneys at CCD Law have years of experience fighting insurance companies to get personal injury clients the compensation they deserve. Recoverable damages our attorneys may help you obtain include medical expenses, pain & suffering, and time lost at work.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident similar to this one, contact us for a confidential and complimentary consultation. We will only give you advice which is in your best interest.

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