Personal Injury on Rental Properties in Spokane

While living your life in Spokane in a rental home or when you head out to visit friends and family, or even to shop, there are dangers you may not even know exist. You can suffer a personal injury walking up someone’s front steps, stepping into a friend’s apartment, or while visiting any sort of business.

Anytime you suffer an injury on someone else’s property you’ll understandably have questions about who can be held liable for your recovery costs. The good news is that you may, in fact, have several options when seeking compensation for your damages.

Free Consultations After Rental Property Accidents in Spokane

Determining who should be involved in a personal injury case can be a complex puzzle. However, it’s a question that must be worked out correctly to make sure victims receive the compensation they need to make a full physical and financial recovery. That’s why it’s important to trust your case to an experienced Spokane Rental Property Accident Lawyer.

The Lawyers at Spokane’s CCD Law work closely with injured victims to make sure they understand their rights and the benefits available to them as they heal. They offer a free case consultation to victims and their families in order to help determine how many parties should be held financially accountable after an accident.

The consultation comes with no obligation. There’s absolutely no risk in setting up an appointment. You should also know that if you do choose CCD Law to represent your injury claim, you don’t pay us unless we win your case.

Spokane Rental Property Injury Dangers

You may not think about the potential hazards lurking in your home, at a friend’s apartment complex, or even at an Airbnb property. Yet, every year people are seriously hurt at their own residence or at the residence of a friend or family.

You or a family member could be hurt in a tumble down a flight of stairs with a loose handrail or after tripping on a crumbling sidewalk. You could suffer burns from a defective appliance your landlord installed in your apartment or condo.

A poorly maintained common area, like a playground or a community pool, might cause a severe and potentially life-threatening injury. A faulty smoke detector installed by a management company could endanger you and your family

A business rental property injury could occur in a slip-and-fall on the puddle of soda another customer left on the floor. Exposed wiring might be hiding under the edge of a shelf and give you a shock. A chemical used by businesses could damage your airway passages or cause a skin burn. A slip in an icy parking lot could also result in a Rental Property Accident Claim.

These dangers and more all carry the potential to cause major injuries and leave victims in massive medical debt as they simply attempt to restore their lives.

Who Can I Sue If I’m Hurt on a Rental Property?

Figuring out how to get help with your expenses can be confusing, especially when accidents take place on rental properties. You may live in the home where you were hurt, but does the landlord or management company bear some blame for what happened?

It’s the same question when you are hurt in a store or in any other type of business. Proprietors operate the businesses, but they may not own the properties the businesses occupy. If you’re hurt through the negligence of a store owner or operator, there may be several individuals or companies who are responsible for your recovery.

These are just a few of the parties who could be found negligent in your accident and be called upon in a personal injury case:

  • Business or Residential Tenant
  • The Property Owner
  • Rental Companies that Care for the Property
  • Employees working for Owners and Operators

Landlords and Rental Companies and Their Duty of Care

In each case, injury victims must show that some or all of these parties were negligent in their legal responsibility to keep visitors safe. This is known as a “duty of care.”

Landlords or Maintenance Companies are responsible for monitoring for potential hazards and fixing them or cleaning them up in a reasonable amount of time.

When this duty of care is neglected and someone is injured it triggers Washington’s “premises liability” laws. Negligent parties can be called upon to provide monetary assistance to victims

Multiple Defendants in a Rental Property Accident Case

One thing to consider is that you may have no choice but to include multiple parties in your claim for damages. Suing multiple parties gives you the best chance to earn enough in a settlement or judgment to cover all of your physical, emotional, and financial losses.

Not every party will have sufficient insurance coverage or savings to cover all of your medical bills and lost time at work. Tenants renting an apartment may have very little or no insurance coverage and little income to offer as compensation. Employees of rental companies and businesses could be in a similar situation.

It’s often only the property owners and corporations responsible for rental properties that have sufficient insurance coverage to provide support to victims.

Contact a Spokane Rental Property Accident Lawyer

When you or a loved one are seriously hurt while in your own rental home or while visiting someone else’s rental home, contact a Spokane Premises Liability Accident Lawyer. If you or a loved one are injured on a business rental property, make time to talk with a skilled Spokane personal injury lawyer.

Don’t trust that an insurance company is looking out for your best interests while you are in recovery. Allow an attorney with CCD Law of Spokane to hold landlords, management companies, and insurance companies fully accountable while you focus on healing.

We offer a free consultation to all victims. Contact us and tell us what happened so we can help determine every party that owes you compensation. We want to begin the work of getting your family the support they need as soon as possible.

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