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This is Spokane, and it is going to snow here every winter. Temperatures will dip below freezing, and there will be ice on the ground. People will slip and fall on slippery surfaces; some will get a bruise, others will suffer injuries which could have been prevented. Not every slip and fall merits a lawsuit, but in some cases, serious injuries occur and property owners may be held liable for them.

Who is liable for injuries?

Property owners and/or those controlling the property are responsible to use reasonable care to prevent dangerous conditions on their property. If reasonable care has not been taken and someone is injured on their property, they may be held liable.

Where do these injuries occur?

People can slip and fall on snow, ice, or other winter hazards anywhere, however, the most common injuries occur in parking lots, on sidewalks outside of businesses, and near the entries to grocery and retail stores.

What types of injuries happen during slip and fall accidents?

Some people may have a pre-existing condition made worse by the fall. Others may be in perfect health and become injured.

Sprains and fractures are some of the most common injuries. Abrupt movements during the fall can result in a twisted ankle or knee. Hard landings can result in broken bones in the forearm, wrist, hand, or ankle. In fact, most broken bones in older people are the result of a fall. Less common but more serious are injuries such as hp fractures, back injuries, head injuries and traumatic brain injury.

What to do if you slip and fall on snow or ice

If possible, if the injury occurred at a business or other commercial location, notify the manager or other employee on duty. Make a note of their name. It is ok if they make an incident report. Do not sign anything without speaking to us.

If you are able to, take photos of the scene of the injury.

Seek medical attention immediately.

Do not assume that you are at fault for falling down.

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