Spokane Escalator Accidents and Injuries – Can a personal injury attorney help?

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Who is responsible for escalator injuries?

When you mention escalators in Spokane, a specific set of escalators usually come to mind: the zig zagging units at Spokane Mall. There are many more in the area at other shopping centers such as River Park Square, NorthTown Mall, Spokane Valley Mall, other retail establishments, and of course at places with multiple stories such as Spokane International Airport.

The parties which may be held liable for injuries could include the property owners, escalator maintenance company, inspection company, and/or equipment manufacturers.

How do escalator accidents occur?

Most people do not think of escalators as harmful machines, but over 10,000 people are injured on them every year. People injured on them can be workers or unsuspecting passengers out for a day of shopping.

Improper lubrication causes many injuries. Too much lube on the machine’s “step chain” leads to slippers stairs, and too little can lead to jerking. A jerking chain can cause an unsuspecting passenger to fall down the stairs.

Other problems include broken stop switches, hand rails moving faster or slower than the stairs, lack of warning signs, or loose steps which allow fingers, toes or clothing to get stuck in between them.

These injuries can be severe and lead to traumatic injuries, PTSD, broken bones, nightmares, and even death. In September of 2016, King County settled a case with the family of a man who was strangled by the drawstring on his hooded sweatshirt after it got entangled in an escalator at a metro station.

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