Potential defenses after an arrest in Spokane WA

October 16, 2017
If you’ve been arrested in Spokane County, please visit our Spokane Criminal Defense Lawyer page which has answers to commonly asked questions.

If you’ve been charged with any type of a criminal offense, protect and invoke your rights by calling this office. Do not plead guilty; we both want the best possible outcome for you.

Some successful defenses

When your liberty is jeopardized, you need a tenacious defender. Although some criminal cases are resolved by plea agreements that operate to keep a person out of jail or prison, some of the best plea agreements are based on a strong trial strategy. Examples of defenses that might be used in fighting for your freedom include:

  • Seeking suppression of evidence
  • Objecting to suggestive lineups
  • Challenging sloppy lab work
  • Showing a break in the chain of custody of evidence
  • Raising lack of intent
  • Attacking the credibility of witnesses

Plea Bargains

We recommend you speak with an attorney before accepting a plea bargain. While some plea bargains sound nice and may keep you out of jail, your attorney may have a solution to have the case dismissed entirely.

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After any arrest we will examine the details of your case and come up with a strategy. The defense used depends on a wide variety of factors.

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