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Freeman Washington and residents in Spokane County have been helped by the lawyers at CCD Law for 70 years. If you’re part of the Freeman Community and have been injured in a car accident or other personal injury because of someone else’s negligence, call CCD Law to determine your rights and to get compensation for your injury.

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Freeman and Personal Injury

Freeman Washington is a one-stop town on Highway 27 south of Spokane known mostly for its service station and its schools, Freeman High School, Freeman Middle School and Freeman Elementary School. Though the town has no official population, there are around 1,000 people that live in the Freeman School District.

Within that district about 900 students come to its three schools with most  living in neighboring communities like Rockford, Mt. Hope, Coey, Manito, Valley Ford and Mica. Many students ride a bus, but others commute in cars with some high school students driving themselves.

Parents and supporters also come to school events such as a baseball game to watch the high school baseball team win the 1A Division State Championship in 2018. With all this driving comes the risk getting into a car accident. Also, many people are injured in farming accidents and other types of personal injury incidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know whose fault the accident was?

The law looks at which driver was negligent to determine who was at fault. Negligence is a legal standard that is used to determine if someone is liable for another person’s injuries. A person is negligent if he or she failed to give the victim the due care that they were supposed to. This is determined by the person’s actions that led up to the accident and see if the person acted the way any reasonably prudent person would.

Should I talk to the insurance agent about my accident?

Don’t talk to anyone from the insurance company or their lawyers before you have spoken to an experienced attorney. You have to remember that they work for the big insurance company and will take anything you say to pay you as little as possible.

Can I get compensation for pain and suffering?

Accidents can cause someone a lot of physical or emotional pain. Washington law allows you to seek compensation for those injuries and other mental anguish injuries. However, these things need to be proven, and it’s best to have your condition diagnosed by a medical professional.

Freeman WA Personal Injury and Car Accident Lawyer

Getting the right legal help when you are injured is a must. You are going to need to rely on your attorney to fight for you and tend to all the legal steps it takes to make a personal injury claim. Though there are many fine small-town attorneys, when it comes to fighting the insurance companies and their high-rise lawyers, you need a firm with the resources, experience and skills.

Many of these cases are settle, but even a settlement can be tough, and the insurance companies have learned to respect the hard work, knowledge and preparedness of the attorneys at CCD Law. Talk to an Attorney at CCD Law today in a free consultation to find out your rights and have your case evaluated.

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