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Clayton WA Personal Injury and Car Accident Lawyer

Though Clayton WA is small, over the years, CCD Law has been there to help them with their legal needs. CCD Law has represented residents of Clayton and other communities around Stevens County for over 70 years. If you find yourself the victim of an auto accident or any other type of injury, call the professionals at CCD Law and have us put our years of winning for their clients to good use.

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Choosing the Right Attorney

Like many small towns, life is quiet in Clayton. A Friday night be a walk to Clayton’s Drive-In to get a milkshake and a Clayton Burger. In late summer, the Clayton Fairgrounds hold the Clayton Community Fair which draws people from Deer Park, Loon Lake and Springdale who come to get cotton candy and watch the rodeo.

So while the small-town life is slow and quiet at times, many have to hop on U.S. 395 into Spokane and face the hustle and bustle of a big city. This puts them at risk of getting into a car wreck and getting injured.  When this happens, Clayton residents like to know that CCD Law is there to help them in getting compensation for their injuries.

Not all injures are from car wrecks as some might be from construction accidents, dog bites, farming accidents, slip and fall injuries, and all types of injuries that came from someone else’s negligence.

Having it Both Ways

Clayton town folk can have their life away from the city and enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with it. But when they need help going up against a large insurance company, they can even the odds and hire a lawyer from CCD law to represent them. CCD Law has the resources, experience and skills to go up against any insurance company and their lawyers. They have the track record of getting results for clients in Spokane and those in small towns like Clayton.

So if you’ve been injured in an accident, talk to an attorney at CCD Law so you can be confident that you will be fairly treated and will get the compensation you deserve.