Pedestrian Accidents On South Hill in Spokane WA

April 1, 2021

Pedestrians in residential sections of Spokane can have to search for several blocks to find a traffic light with safe crosswalks and proper protection for those on foot.

Protecting those who use sidewalks and roadways other than motorists has proven to be a challenge across Spokane. In a single year, Spokane County officials recorded 270 motor vehicle collisions involving a pedestrian or bicycle.

The Spokane Regional Health District also finds that older Americans are at the most risk when they are forced to walk near the rush of traffic. Pedestrians ages 65 and older account for around 20% of all pedestrian deaths in a single year and an estimated 9% of all pedestrian injuries.

Spokane Pedestrian Receives Head Injury After Hit by Car

A man is being treated for injures after getting struck by a car on Spokane’s South Hill Tuesday morning. KXLY-TV reports the accident occurred around 8:25 a.m. at the intersection of Regal Street and 53rd Avenue.

Spokane Police arrived on the scene to find an elderly victim lying in the roadway. The man had an apparent head injury and was transported to the hospital.

The driver involved in the collision stayed at the scene to cooperate with investigators. Officers do not believe alcohol or drugs played a part in the accident.

Support for Pedestrian Accident Victims In Spokane

Victims of pedestrian collisions and their families will understandably be focused on the recovery from physical injuries. After such a scary accident, victims may not have had time to consider the incredible cost of medical treatment and the expense that may lie ahead. Costly physical therapy sessions and even surgery may be necessary down the road.

Every cost of this recovery should be the responsibility of the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage. A car insurance provider should be held accountable for hospital bills, lost income, and the emotional trauma a victim and his or her family may have been put through.

By filing a claim for damages all of these losses and more can be requested from an insurance company. It’s important to include every possible expense on this claim because when an injury flare-up occurs months down the road there will likely be no way to return to the insurance agent to ask for more support. An attorney can make sure these costs are all accounted for and put pressure on an insurance company to provide what’s fair to victims.

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