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December 7, 2016

Most people do not think about serious injuries when they think of a parking lot; they picture vehicles traveling along at 4 miles per hour, people walking to and from the entrance or exit of a grocery or retail store, shopping carts, etc. However, parking lot accidents result in over 50,000 crashes every year.

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Parking lot injuries are becoming more common

In 2016, the National Safety Council stated that parking lot injuries are becoming more and more common, and distracted driving may be partly to blame.

Over 500 people are killed in parking lots and parking garages every year. In many cases, these people are pedestrians who are hit by cars. Both pedestrians and drivers let their guard down when they are in a parking lot. Some people walk in to traffic while checking their Facebook feed on their iPhone. In other cases, drivers are fiddling around in their car, looking for a grocery list instead of where their vehicle is traveling. Sometimes, both parties are partially at fault.

There are some other ways which people are injured in parking lots, too, including damaged concrete, lack of signs, parking lot design and holes in the pavement.

Parking lots in Spokane where people could be injured

We have not necessarily heard of any injuries at these parking lots, but these are some well known parking lots where motorists and pedestrians should both pay attention for safety: NorthTown Mall, River Park Square, Spokane Valley Mall, Costco, Walmart, Taget and parking garages like ABM, Parkade and River Park Square.

Do I need an attorney?

Small fender benders occur in parking lots, and in most cases, insurance companies will take care of these minor incidents. However, when there are fatalities or serious injuries involved, even at low speeds, you may be able to recover significantly more with an experienced Spokane car accident lawyer.

If you aren’t sure, feel free to contact us for a free case evaluation.

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