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August 24, 2016

The first phone call. That’s what it takes to either connect with a reputable local law firm actually IN Spokane, or ending up with an out-of-state call center.

Make Sure You Call Great Local Lawyers.

Call us. It’s all you need for your first communication with us.

Established in 1948, we are a highly rated Spokane law firm with a very long history of verdicts and settlements. We provide our clients with the absolute highest quality legal representation in Spokane. If you have persisting injuries, or if you have questions, contact us today for free and friendly advice.

The risk of catchy TV slogans?

Beware of big advertising lawyers with “800” numbers who may be directing your call through a call center.

The last thing you want is to be a nameless number where your attorney settles your case as rapidly as possible with disregard for your well-being.

The risk of hiring a “call center lawyer” or a “settlement mill” is having a law firm who does not have a client’s best interests in mind; they simply want to settle quickly and cheaply. Clients can get a bad deal as call center lawyers do not seek the maximum possible compensation for their clients’ injuries or even deaths of family members.

Settlement mill lawyers often use aggressive TV, billboard and internet AdWords advertising in an attempt to solicit your business.

When you call one of these “practices,” you will often be turned over to a case manager, paralegal or even referred out to a novice attorney who has little or no experience in practicing personal injury law.

Insurance adjusters love settlement mill lawyers. Adjusters share the same objective as settlement mill lawyers in settling cheaply and quickly. Settlement mills don’t file lawsuits on behalf of their clients very often – which requires advancing litigation costs, delays, and skilled insurance defense attorneys, and cases almost never go to trial.

What can we learn from a phone call?

After an injury or even a death in the family, people enter a world new to them. It could be a world of pain, a world without their spouse, the loss of a child, a sudden amputation. They have lots of questions, and in some cases, the negligent party doesn’t want to take responsibility for their actions, or their insurer doesn’t want to pay for present or future medical expenses. There are many, many issues, and the start of that journey is a quick phone call to an attorney. But don’t be afraid to do your research and educate yourself. Talk to the lawyer you call. Ask questions. See if they have your best interest at heart.

A great, local attorney will respect your time, claims, lawsuits, and knows that trials are much more involved than a single phone call.

Contact us today

It is unfortunate, but in every industry, there is a business or professional out there who is out to make a quick buck at your expense, even during times of pain and suffering.

If you are seeking a quality, local Spokane personal injury attorney, feel free to take a look at our reviews and history, which goes back over half of a century, and then contact us today.


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