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Motorcycle Left-Turn Accidents in Spokane

Left-turn accidents are common with motorcycles and happen when a car turns left and hits a motorcycle. Most of the time this happens because the driver simply didn’t see the motorcycle. The left-turn crash is one of many that put motorcycle riders at great risk for serious injury or death. When a left-turn accident happens, the people of the Spokane turn to Crary, Clark, Domanico, & Chuang, P.S., for help getting the compensation they deserve.

Types of Left-Hand Turn Accidents

First and most common is an accident at an intersection. A motorcycle has the right-of-way through the intersection, and a car turns left right into the path of the bike. These happen at any intersection whether a four-way stop, a two-way stop or an intersection with traffic signals.

The second scenario involves a driver turning left on a highway right in the path of a motorcycle. These have a high rate of serious injury or fatality because of the speed of the bike.

The third type of left-hand turn accident happens when a motorcycle passes to the left of a car on a two-lane highway, and the driver of the car turns left and doesn’t notice the motorcycle. These are the least common of the three types of left-hand turn accidents but it is one of the deadliest of the three.

What Injuries Come from Left-Turn Crashes?

Anytime you are injured in a motorcycle accident, the at-fault person is required by law to pay you for your injuries and all economic losses that come from the accident. The injuries in any motorcycle crash can be severe even if the motorcycle is going slow. In every crash, there are two significant impacts: one when the car hits the motorcycle and the other when the motorcycle hits the pavement. This produces some common injuries to the victim:

  • Blunt Force Trauma
  • Head Injuries/Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Broken Bones
  • Chest Compressions
  • Organ Damage
  • Internal Injuries

 Causes of Left-Turn Crashes

In the vast majority of motorcycle accidents, one contributing factor is the inability of a car or truck driver to see the motorcycle. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration did a study on motorcycle crash types and causes, and concluded that there are some common factors in many types of motorcycle crashes:

  • Low profile of motorcycles
  • Drivers not conditioned to look for motorcycles
  • Drivers not able to gauge the speed of a motorcycle as well as other vehicles
  • Distracted driving
  • Impaired driving

What do I do if I’m Injured in a Motorcycle Left-Turn Accident?

Washington law allows for the injured motorcyclist to collect compensation against a negligent driver for all economic losses stemming from an accident. To make this claim, you should talk to a Spokane Motorcycle Accident Lawyer who knows traffic law and personal injury law and is experienced at dealing with the insurance company.

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