What Medical Bills can I Claim in a Spokane Personal Injury Claim?

December 16, 2019

If someone is injured in an accident through someone else’s negligence, then the at-fault person is required to pay for all damages related to the accident. Under Washington law, medical bills are considered part of those financial losses.

What if my Health Insurance Covered the Medical Bills Already?

This happens all the time. When someone is admitted to the hospital or sees a doctor for injuries related to an accident, they will sometimes make a record that it was because of an accident, this is because the person who injured you is legally responsible for the hospital bills.

However, many times the hospital will charge the medical bills to the patient’s medical insurance. This is done because the hospital doesn’t always know who the at-fault person is, or they know that the fault could have been the victims.

When the case is settled, any outstanding medical bills will be paid from the settlement award. The health insurance company also has a right to get reimbursed if they paid for any of the accident-related medical bills.

Some common medical bills allowed in personal injury damage claims are:

  • Ambulance ride and EMS treatment
  • Trauma Care bills
  • All hospital bills
  • Lab costs
  • Third-party physician’s bills
  • Diagnostic imagery
  • Medicine
  • Surgery and all costs related
  • Follow-up doctor’s visits
  • Rehabilitation
  • Medical equipment
  • Further treatment

These are just the ones that are most common, but any medical bills that are shown to be related to the accident are compensable.

What About Future Medical Bills?

The at-fault driver is responsible for all bills, present and future. If the case settles or goes to a trial, but the treatment is continuing, then the award can be adjusted to include foreseeable future medical bills. A good attorney will know how to calculate those potential costs and add them to the claim

  • Future medical costs might include:
  • Continuing rehabilitation
  • Recurrence of symptoms related to the accident
  • Future surgeries to complete treatment
  • Any future medical costs related to the accident

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