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On August 27, 2016 a tragic accident occurred on East Broadway St in Spokane Valley. According to this KXLY article, authorities say the driver of the Harley Davidson may have been speeding. The motorcyclist had laid the bike down in an effort to avoid a collision with the truck that had crossed into his lane.

Who is at fault?

In Washington, the law states that drivers turning left shall yield the right-of-way to any vehicle approaching from the opposite direction.

In cases like this witnesses and other drivers almost always say that speed was a factor and that the vehicle going straight was speeding. Sometimes the other driver truly believes that. However unless there is evidence that the other driver was speeding the driver taking a left is often found at fault in a trial.

What if speed was a factor?

Even if the other driver was speeding, Washington is a pure comparative negligence state. This means that people who are injured or their family can often still recover damages even if you or your loved one was speeding. You can read more about comparative negligence here.

This all said, we would need additional information to determine who was at fault in this particular accident.


In left hand turn accidents insurance companies are usually going to resist offering compensation and attempt to place the blame on the driver who was going straight.

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