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Truck Accidents On Interstate 90 In Spokane

Spokane doesn’t have multiple interstates carrying a rush of traffic in every direction. The city is home to only one interstate, but it’s a very busy stretch of lanes. According to the Spokesman-Review, I-90 carries an average of 120,000 vehicles across Spokane each day.

Cars, SUVs, and motorcycles jump on and off Interstate 90 at all hours. But the biggest concern for drivers is often the giant, weighed-down trucks that travel back and forth across the state. Motorists can often escape a sideswipe with another vehicle with minor fender damage. However, a collision with a big rig traveling at interstate speeds can be a much more dangerous matter.

Truck Travel Dangers on I-90 in Spokane

Truck drivers work long, hard hours behind the wheel and can become careless, reckless, or even drowsy while on the clock. They can travel too fast and be unable to stop when a traffic jam brings Spokane traffic to a sudden halt. Drivers might be watching a movie and not notice a motorcycle in the lane beside them as they merge.

All of these common circumstances and others can create dangerous crashes. An accident report should be enough to convince a driver’s insurance provider that you are innocent in your crash and that they need to provide support for your injuries.

Unfortunately, motorists often get unfairly scrutinized while their hospital bills pile up. Insurance companies can delay compensation while the victim falls behind on monthly bills and misses more time at work.

What to Do After a Car Accident Involving a Large Truck

To make sure your insurance claim can’t be questioned, it’s important to gather what evidence you can right on the scene if you are physically able. If you are unable to move about, you can ask someone with you or a helpful witness to gather a few of these details for you:

  • First, see to everyone’s safety. If your vehicle is in the path of more potential collisions try to drive out of the way if possible.
  • Call for police and paramedics. Dial 911. Give a full report to the police on what happened and if you saw the truck driver distracted or behaving recklessly. Tell paramedics about every wound you may have.
  • Take photos with your cellphone. Take pictures of the damage and where your vehicle ended up. Show license plates. You could even take photos of the tires on the truck to possibly show they were well past their safe usage.  Capture images of the black marks on the road showing the path the truck took. Show any signs or logos indicating the company or business the driver works for.
  • Get information from witnesses on the scene. Witnesses may be hard to track down along an interstate, but there may be good Samaritans who check on the victims of the accident. Ask them what they saw and if they by chance have dashcams that might’ve caught what happened. Get their contact information.
  • Exchange information with the truck driver. Know that what you say could be used against you later. Don’t make any statements about accident fault or how badly you are hurt to the driver or any representative of an insurance company later.
  • See your doctor. Get all injuries documented especially pain that arises in the days after an accident. Pain can be masked by the shock of being in a car crash and a serious injury may stay hidden for a day or more.

Compensation for Victims in Spokane Truck Accidents

A truck collision can be much more devastating than a normal car crash. They can also be more confusing afterward when you attempt to get support as you heal.

Professional truck drivers may own a truck and work for themselves. You would need to petition their commercial truck driving insurance to seek support for your current medical bills and those expected to arrive in the future.

In other cases, a truck driver may be on the road for a local business or nationwide corporation. You may be confronting the company’s insurance provider to earn compensation to replace your lost hours at work. There may be others involved with the manufacture of the truck or in charge of maintenance of the vehicle that could be held accountable.

No matter how many insurance companies end up owing you support for what you’ve been through, there are common hardships you can receive compensation for:

  • Medical bills now and for the expected care necessary in the future.
  • Permanent disability/disfigurement. Support for medical equipment and home renovation. The potential for a lifetime of medical care and therapy.
  • Travel to appointments and out-of-state experts.
  • Lost time from work.
  • Pain and mental anguish
  • Wrongful Death. A family may sue a trucking company if a loved one has been lost in an accident to make sure they are protected from financial hardships in the future.

Contact a Spokane Truck Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one are the victims of a serious accident involving a truck on I-90 you should speak with an experienced Spokane Truck Accident Attorney at CCD Law before taking a phone call from any insurance representative. Insurance agents will be looking to get a recorded statement from you and anything you say to them can be used as an excuse to deny coverage to you and your family.

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