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Head-On Truck Accidents In Spokane

Drivers around Spokane must deal with big rigs and even large farming trucks and tractors on the road no matter when they travel. Motorists can usually keep track of these giant vehicles in their same lanes, going the same direction, and remain at a safe distance. However, a truck in the opposite lanes can go unnoticed until a dangerous move places that truck in front of oncoming traffic.

Big, heavy trucks can suddenly leave their lanes and cross medians to end up in front of cars and SUVs traveling in the opposite direction. This action can take drivers by surprise and leave them unable to avoid a devastating head-on collision. The consequences of such a terrible crash can be severe for the drivers and their passengers.

Head-On Truck Collision Dangers in Spokane

Truck drivers are behind the wheel much longer than most people can imagine and the challenge of staying focused and even awake can be great. A driver nodding off can fail to notice their 75,000lb rig veering left, across double-yellow lines, to wind up in front of much smaller vehicles.

The drugs and prescription pills some truck drivers rely on to stay alert can also impair their judgment. They can end up with blurry vision and diminished perception and be unable to safely operate their vehicles.

Drivers can also be traveling recklessly, hitting speeds that can make it hard for them to stop and keep control of their 80-foot truck and trailer. They can careen across several lanes of traffic and into oncoming vehicles.

Head-on collisions are the most devastating of all the possible angles of impact and result in the most severe injuries. Front impacts combine the speed and weight of the two vehicles involved and can double the forces unleashed on victims. Factoring in a massive, heavy truck traveling over the speed limit into this sort of collision only increases the chances of a tragic outcome for the victims involved.

What to Do After a Truck Accident in Spokane

Head-on collision victims may be in dire need of medical assistance after a truck accident. But if you are the victim of a crash and still physically able to move about, you should begin gathering evidence right there on the scene.

A Washington State Patrol accident report may completely clear you of fault in your accident, but in order to save money insurance companies can still try to pin the blame on you. And though it seems unbelievable, this also means they’ll try to stick injured victims with the responsibility of paying their own medical bills.

The best way to avoid insurance “bad faith” tactics is to collect as much evidence on the scene as you can. You should collect details that probably won’t be there once the accident scene is cleared:

  • Dial 911. Allow paramedics to check out every pain you feel. If you must go to the hospital, ask someone with you or a helpful witness to gather some evidence for you if possible. Tell investigators everything you can remember about the lead-up to the accident. Including if you saw the truck driver behaving recklessly or using a cellphone.
  • Photograph the entire scene. Use your phone to show the damage to the vehicles involved and clearly show license plates. Get photos of any signage on the truck that indicates a trucking company or corporation the driver works for. Use your phone to get pictures or video of traffic signs, lane markings, and the path the truck took to hit you.
  • Talk to witnesses on the scene. Find out what they saw. They may want to write down what they witnessed or could be willing to talk while you shoot a video. Get their addresses and phone numbers so your personal injury lawyer can touch base with them later.
  • Exchange information with the truck driver. Don’t make any statements about accident fault or your injuries to the driver or anyone representing their insurance provider later on the phone. These statements can be twisted to weaken your case later.
  • See your physician. Get all injuries documented including those pains that arise a day or two later after your accident. Keep receipts for all medical charges related to your accident.

Contact a Spokane Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents can make for complex cases because there may be several parties that should be held responsible for your pain and your financial hardships. Insurance representatives for the truck driver, the driver’s parent company, and even for truck manufacturers could all be involved in providing support as you heal.

Insurance companies of all kinds will be questioning your claim and your injury trying to avoid taking responsibility. Don’t accept this shameful treatment. Allow a Truck Accident Lawyer serving Spokane and the surrounding area to make sure you and your family get what you need to rebuild your lives after a devastating collision. Contact CCD Law for a free case strategy session. Tell us what happened to you so we can begin securing the compensation you’ll need to make a full recovery.

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