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If you were arrested for DUI in Spokane, you might be asking yourself whether it’s going to be worth it to hire a lawyer. If after researching the issue on the internet, you believe that you can do as good of a job as any lawyer, pinch yourself and wake up. You’re dreaming. Many people believe that they have no defense to the charge, and because of that, they think that they should just go ahead and plead guilty. That’s simply not true.

The Prosecutor Isn’t There to Help You

If you’re charged with even a first DUI, we firmly believe that you should retain experienced and effective legal representation. Here’s just part of the puzzle of why. In court last week a young man approached the bench to enter a plea of guilty to DUI. He was representing himself. He was concerned about his ability to drive, and he asked the prosecutor about the Department of Licensing driver’s license suspension. The prosecutor replied that his office doesn’t get involved with that, and it was a matter to be taken up with the Department of Licensing. Our office would have insisted that the prosecution indeed could do quite a bit in the context of the parameters of the man’s ability to drive, but a prosecutor isn’t going to volunteer that information to an unrepresented DUI defendant.

We Represent Clients in Department of Licensing Hearings

Being able to drive in Washington is a primary consideration for anybody who has a license. Your continued ability to drive is one good reason why you should have a lawyer on a first DUI. Had we been retained by that young man, we would have made a timely request for a hearing on his license with the Department of Licensing. The rules involved in their hearings are complicated, and the prosecution is under no legal duty to help you arrange for or get you through a DUI suspension hearing. We do that for our clients.

The Consequences of a Conviction

If you’re convicted on a first time DUI charge, the consequences of that conviction will be severe. You might not have been technically or statutorily drunk or high, but the prosecutor probably isn’t going to tell you that. We’re able to get copies of documents that the the prosecution wants to withhold and not disclose to you. Those include all of the information about the circumstances surrounding your traffic stop, any field sobriety tests that you submitted to, breath testing, blood testing and any dash cam or body cam footage at the scene. We’ll evaluate that evidence, discuss it with you and give you our opinion on your legal options.

Spokane Valley DUI Lawyer

You’re not going to suddenly learn the complexities of DUI law, and you won’t know how to apply them in court. You won’t know the personalities of the prosecutor or judge either. Carefully weigh the cost of hiring a Spokane Valley DUI defense lawyer from our office against the costs of a conviction, a driver’s license suspension and the insurance ramifications. Job, educational and housing opportunities are at stake. Even your freedom could be in jeopardy. We offer free DUI case consultations and reviews, and we’ll be pleased to speak with you about what you’re confronted with. Preserve and protect your rights by contacting us right away after any DUI arrest. We’ll arrange for you to meet with a Spokane DUI defense lawyer from our offices. Maybe you were indeed guilty. If so, we want the consequences to impact your life as little as possible.

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