Slip-And-Fall Accidents At Walmart in Coeur d’Alene

The household can be running smoothly until suddenly you’re out of something. The milk jug runs dry. The cereal box goes empty. The sandwich bread bag is down to the end slices. These are all good excuses for a trip to Walmart.

Walmart sells just about anything you could need to keep yourself and your family stocked for the week. Those gleaming tile floors at the Coeur d’Alene Supercenter location on Honeysuckle Avenue welcome in hundreds of people a day, but that popularity also brings some risks with it. A failure to mop up a mess, or pick up loose merchandise can send customers down for a dangerous slip-and-fall accident.

Earning Support for Walmart Slip-And-Fall Victims in Coeur d’Alene

Once you’ve suffered a fall and perhaps taken an ambulance ride, you may wonder how willing a nationwide retailer like Walmart is to admit fault and help victims with their recoveries.

If Walmart’s negligence or carelessness created the conditions that led to your accident, you should never be left to face hospital bills and other costs of recovery alone.

Before speaking to anyone representing Walmart, contact a personal injury lawyer protecting victims in northern Idaho. The attorneys at CCD Law have a long, successful track record in defending the rights of victims against major corporations. CCD Law wants to talk to you about what happened during a free consultation to help you determine your best options for earning what’s fair from Walmart.

Walmart Trip-And-Fall Dangers in Coeur d’Alene

The hazards at Walmart aren’t always easy to spot and that’s the problem. A bad day for a shopper can begin in the parking lot. A pothole could be hiding near your parking spot. You’re focused on the journey into the store when your foot hits a hole and sends you into a painful trip-and-fall accident.

Inside you could have your feet slip out from under you on a wet bathroom floor. A busted yogurt pack could be on the tile in the dairy section ready to send you into a painful slip-and-fall.

State law actually holds business owners and proprietors responsible for the safety of customers. If another customer or Walmart creates a hazard inside or outside the store, employees are supposed to clean up or repair those issues before they ever have the chance to trip you up. When store operators don’t monitor for these hazards and clear them in a reasonable amount of time corporations like Walmart can be held liable. They should have to help you with every medical cost and replace lost wages when you have to miss work.

Walmart Common Fall Injuries

Victims of a slip-and-fall accident usually go flying back or sideways to hit something nearby with their head or to smack down hard on the floor. Severe injuries can result:

  • A blow to the head on the way down can cause traumatic brain injuries (TBI). TBIs can rob people of their short and long-term memories. A fractured skull is also a scary outcome emergency room doctors often treat.
  • Damage to the back and spinal cord can lead to disability when control of the upper and lower parts of the body is affected.
  • Broken bones, especially hip fractures, can result in permanent or partial disability. Hip fractures often take so long to heal that they cause other health issues for victims. The CDC finds that more than 95% of hip fractures are caused by falling. They also report that women are at more risk and are the victims of 75% of all hip fractures.

Trip-and-fall accidents at Walmart generally send victims forward. A landscaping issue outside can trip customers up as well as a crack in the pavement or sidewalk. Inside, rugs can curl up and catch a foot. Stocking boxes and displays in an aisle can also pose a threat. The resulting trip-and-fall can end up causing serious injuries:

  • Arm injuries are seen when victims try to cushion their fall by throwing their hands out. The hands and wrists can be jammed and suffer fractures. Injuries to fingers and wrists can keep people out of work for weeks.
  • Victims can fall flat on their faces when tripped up. A broken jaw and soft tissue injuries are common. Mouth damage is also frequent as teeth can be broken or knocked out completely.
  • A Knee might also be the first body part to take the impact of a trip. If your knee won’t bend or can’t support weight, the fall may have done serious damage.

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