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Slip-And-Fall Accidents At Albertsons in Coeur d’Alene Idaho

Albertsons is an Idaho homegrown company that’s now part of the second-largest grocery store chain in the U.S. From their base in Boise, they provide every kind of grocery item, hot or cold, and many household goods for people across the nation. Their family of stores includes our location in Coeur d’Alene on Ironwood Drive.

Albertsons strives to meet the needs of every family, no matter the size, but with all of the foot traffic drawn in each day, the chance for a painful accident can reach new levels of risk. A customer’s drink can slosh around and leave hazardous slipping spots on the floor. Spilled pasta can end up along an aisle.

When these messes aren’t tended to quickly, you could be in danger of a fall with each step you take.

Finding Compensation for Albertsons Slip-And-Fall Victims

Taking a fall in a public place can leave you feeling embarrassed, but you shouldn’t. Thousands of people are injured by slipping or tripping each year. What’s most important is that you get the treatment you need and that it’s paid for by those responsible for your injury.

After suffering a serious fall at Albertsons you’ll want to talk to an experienced, local slip-and-fall lawyer to make sure you are informed on all of your options. A fall on those hard floors can leave you with a mobility issue or even memory loss if you hit your head requiring medical care for years down the road.

Don’t leave your recovery in the hands of Albertsons’ corporate lawyers and agents. Contact us today for a free consultation and find out how we help victims.

Common Slip-And-Fall Hazards at the Coeur d’Alene Albertsons

Grocery stores try to cover so many bases for their shoppers. In the name of customer service, they can overextend themselves and provide even more chances for customers to get hurt. These hazards can lay on the floor of the produce section or even on the sidewalk outside.

Places like Albertsons that invite in customers every day have the legal responsibility to provide every visitor a safe journey through their parking lots and stores. When they don’t clean up or repair hazards in a reasonable amount of time they can absolutely be liable for any injury you suffer in a fall.

Here are just some of the potential issues that can send you to the ground:

  • Spills and Puddles – That giant selection of products is nice, but any glass jar or juice box can end up on the shiny tile. Customers can also contribute to the hazards with items they carry into and around the store. Fountain drinks can spill. Produce sprinklers can leave water everywhere. Anyone can slip on wet bathroom floors and take a painful fall.
  • Floor Dangers – Anything left on the floor is a potential slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall hazard. Candy dropped by a toddler can take your feet out from under you. Boxes and displays may also be the obstacle you don’t see. Floor mats can be frayed or folded up to catch your foot.
  • Weather Hazards – When Idaho weather becomes icy, proprietors are required to keep a parking lot reasonably free of ice patches and snow.  The water brought inside from wet shoes during rainy weather is required to be mopped and stores should have wet floor caution signs marking the build-up.
  • Other Parking Lot Hazards — Cracked pavement and potholes are a big reason people trip at grocery stores. Cars leaking fluids can put down oil slicks.
  • Landscaping Obstacles – Low bushes, landscaping timbers, and mulch are also potential tripping hazards. Landscaping crews and equipment can provide other potential dangers.

What should I do after a slip-and-fall at Albertsons?

Your number one priority is to get photographic evidence of the hazard that dropped you to the ground or floor. This obstacle will likely get cleaned up very quickly once employees and managers are alerted to your accident.

You’ll also want to make sure a manager knows what happened so he or she can write up an accident report for Albertsons. Don’t talk about who’s fault the accident was or how badly you are injured. You can say you are alright and then find later that you have a serious injury. Let your attorney handle the rest of your communications with Albertsons and their representatives.

Talk with witnesses to find out what they saw and how to reach them later. Helpful employees may even be willing to back you up on what happened.

Contact a Grocery Store Slip-And-Fall Accident Lawyer Serving Coeur d’Alene

It’s important to talk to our Coeur d’Alene Slip-and-Fall Accident Lawyers as soon as you can after an accident. Evidence can be lost and there are also time limits on injury claims that could affect your ability to get help with things like hospital bills and missed time at work.

Contact us after any accident resulting in a serious injury for a free, confidential case evaluation. We will only offer you advice that is in your best interest.

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