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Most people know that when they drive out on the roads and highways, they are at risk of an accident and serious injury. However, most also feel that when they get to their destination, they are safe. However, this isn’t always the case.

A woman was severely injured in a parking lot Saturday, October 19, 2019, just before 7 p.m. when a pick-up truck backed out from a parking spot and hit her. According to police, she was taken to Kootenai Health in Coeur d’Alene for treatment. Police are still investigating, and not charges have been filed at the time of this report.

The Dangers of Parking Lots

When someone parks their car and gets out, they now become a pedestrian and are no longer protected by their vehicle. According to the National Council of Safety, around 60,000 people are injured and about 500 die each year in parking lot accidents.

In a report on parking lot safety, the NCS attributes about two-thirds of these crashes on distracted driving. Most drivers feel that when they get into a parking lot, they are safe and can relax. This feeling leads to increased use of cell phone once in the parking lot and less vigilance for others in the lot. This along with other distractions increase the danger to pedestrians in parking lots. Some of the activities that contribute to parking lot accidents are:

  • Cell Phone Use
  • Looking for parking spot
  • Watching for cars backing up
  • Looking at cell phone
  • Getting ready to exit vehicle

All of these distractions take the focus off pedestrians and onto other things leaving many people in the parking lot at risk for being hit and injured.

Post Fall Idaho Parking Lot Injuries

Drivers turned pedestrians in Post Falls are involved in their share of parking lot accidents. The good news is, the speed of the vehicles is usually low, but the bad news is, a car vastly outweighs a person. A simple bump can knock a person down doing serious damage, and if the driver isn’t vigilant, the victim can be run over. Some of the injuries common to parking lot accidents are:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Shattered Elbows/Knees/Hips
  • Broken Wrists
  • Broken/Displaced Ribs
  • Catastrophic Internal Damage
  • Broken Arms/Legs

Parking Lot Liability

When a driver becomes a pedestrian and is injured in a parking lot, the law requires the injured victim to prove negligence on behalf of the driver. In most cases, the driver is going to be considered at fault due to the required due care a driver undertakes when getting behind the wheel.

However, a pedestrian doesn’t have the right-of-way in all circumstances, so a pedestrian is also charged with being cautious and not being a cause of the accident.

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