Drug Charge Defense Lawyer in Coeur d’Alene

The “war on drugs” isn’t slowing down, especially here in Idaho where prosecutors take a harsh approach on drug cases. Idaho courts mete out serious penalties when defendants are convicted of drug crimes. That’s why people who have been charged with drug crimes need to take their cases seriously too.

Possible Lifetime Consequences
Drug crimes aren’t minor. They can land a person in jail or prison, or they can be placed on lengthy probation with strict terms, fines and court costs. A felony conviction can stay with a person for life and interfere with educational, employment and housing opportunities. Those are some good reasons for retaining a quality, experienced and aggressive Coeur d’Alene drug defense lawyer. The sooner that you do that, the sooner we start laying the foundation for a strong defense.

Suppression of Evidence
Your participation in your defense is important. Given the facts of the case, the first thing that we’ll examine is whether any evidence that the prosecution plans on using against you can be suppressed and kept from being admitted into evidence. That’s how skilled drug defense lawyers whittle away at the prosecution’s case. If evidence against you can’t be suppressed, we’ll then look into how it might be connected to you.

Cases Can Pivot on Details
Every drug case that comes into this law office is different. They all have different facts and issues. That calls for an individual strategy to be developed through a step by step process in every case. No detail is insignificant, and we’ll want to take every step to make sure that all relevant and material details are made clear to the prosecution, the judge and the jury if a trial is necessary.

Actual Possession and Constructive Possession
Here’s how a case might turn on details. When drugs are found by law enforcement, there might be questions about where they were found and who they belong to. Those questions might also raise the issue as to whether a person was in actual possession or constructive possession of the drugs. In an actual possession case, the drugs are usually found on the person himself or herself or in their home or car. That person would have immediate control over the drugs. Constructive possession often involves passengers in motor vehicles or guests in a home who didn’t have actual control over the drugs. The drugs might be hidden under one of the car’s seats, inside the trunk or in another room of a home. In those cases, the prosecution must prove that the defendant knew that the drugs were in the car or home and that he or she could exercise immediate control over them.

Coeur d’Alene Drug Charge Defense Lawyer

A seemingly strong case against you can end up being dismissed on one small detail. That’s why thorough preparation of a defense is critical in any drug case against you. If you’re under investigation for a drug offense, or if you’ve already been charged with one, don’t give the police a statement or confession of any kind. Invoke your right to remain silent along with your right to an attorney of your choice, Then, contact our Coeur d’Alene drug charge defense lawyer as soon as possible. We’ll arrange for a free consultation right away. We can even do that at the jail if necessary. The sooner that you retain us, the sooner we can start laying a foundation for a strong defense.

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