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Insurance Claims With State Farm After An Accident In Coeur d’Alene

People come from all 50 states to enjoy the mountain splendor of Idaho and Coeur d’Alene. Lake life is a powerful draw, but it also means cars from all 50 states can be racing through town or out on I-90 at any moment. Those cars may have a hundred different car insurance providers. If they cause you to be in an accident, you may suddenly be trying to heal from an injury while dealing with a giant insurance agency.

These insurance brands, like State Farm, will have a big effect on your recovery. They’ll try to control how much compensation you receive to cover your hospital bills and lost time at work as you heal. You could need help just interpreting the fine-print in an at-fault driver’s insurance policy. And that’s not the only way an insurance agent will try to confuse you and even try to blame you for your accident.

Securing Insurance Support for Coeur d’Alene Accident Victims

After an accident, you may face off against a nationwide insurance company like State Farm and find out that bigger is not always better. State Farm will use its considerable resources to follow a well-worn script to first keep you waiting on support as your medical expenses grow. Once you are feeling pressure from creditors and bill collectors, they’ll extend you a “lowball” offer in the hopes you’ll be desperate enough to accept any amount.

The best defense to these “bad faith” practices will be to discuss the circumstances of your case with a legal expert serving Idaho victims. The attorneys with CCD Law offer a free consultation to all injury victims hurt by careless drivers. Contact us as soon as possible to find out how to avoid getting robbed of the compensation you’ll need to get your life back to normal.

State Farm Tactics After Idaho Collisions

You may have watched State Farm’s many commercials on TV featuring “Jake” from State Farm or a long list of high-profile athletes. You may have wondered how they pay all of these celebrity spokespeople.

One way they make money is by following a system with each accident claim they receive. Agents have saved State Farm a lot of money in settlement payouts by working against injured victims. After an accident, they immediately go to work picking apart your case to reduce how much they have to pay you or escape without paying a dime towards your recovery.

These are only a few ways State Farm will attempt to devalue and discredit you and your case once it hits their desks:

  • Checking your medical records – State Farm agents will be shining a spotlight on your medical records. They want to find an injury in your past that’s similar to the one you have now.  They’ll try to claim their policyholder didn’t cause your accident and that it’s simply a flare-up of an injury you already had. This is just a scare tactic, of course.
  • A check of past accidents – State Farm can also look into your driving record. They’ll make a desperate attempt to try to show that you are a bad driver that could have caused your most recent accident.
  • Twist your words – Once you give a recorded statement to State Farm, their agents and attorneys will use it to try to weaken your case against them. The fact is, you likely won’t know how badly you are hurt until you receive several medical exams. And you may not even know who was at fault in an accident until a police accident report is filed. You shouldn’t give an insurance representative any statements on these topics after an accident. Allow your personal injury attorney to handle all contact with insurance agents.
  • Shift the blame – All of these tactics are aimed at getting you to accept blame in an accident. If insurance companies can get you to accept some or all of the responsibility in a crash they can save themselves thousands of dollars. They could even try to refute the facts on a police accident report to clear their policyholder of accountability.

Contact a Coeur d’Alene Car Accident Attorney

After a collision involving a serious injury, you need a legal expert on your side to be on equal footing with the insurance resources that State Farm can call upon. Don’t trust an insurance company to respect your rights as a victim or to inform you of everything available to you and your family.

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