How Long Will a Spokane DUI Conviction Stay on My Driving Record?

November 9, 2017
How long a DUI conviction will stay on a person’s record depends on what record somebody might be referring to. First, there’s the person’s criminal record, and then there’s his or her driving record.

How long will a Spokane DUI conviction stay on my driving record?

As per a person’s driving record, a DUI conviction will stay on that record for a minimum of 15 years. That doesn’t mean that your insurance rates will be extraordinarily high for at least 15 years though. Car insurance companies usually only pull up the last three years of a person’s driving record. They look back for convictions, violations and accidents that appear on your driving abstract.

Assuming that you have no other blemishes on your driving record, you can expect your insurance rates to drop after those three years. Keep the fact in mind that courts, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies can pull a detailed record of your driving history that goes back to the date that you were licensed.

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A conviction for just a first DUI can carry consequences that you never contemplated. In many first DUI cases, even when the evidence is insurmountable, it’s possible to forego a trial and plead guilty to another offense in return for dismissal of the DUI charge. By doing so, the risk of a DUI conviction is eliminated. Prosecutors take DUI cases seriously. They don’t routinely dismiss DUI charges in return for a plea of guilty to another charge. After evaluating all of the relevant evidence in a case, an experienced and skilled Spokane DUI lawyer might be able to prevail upon the prosecution to dismiss a DUI charge in return for a plea of guilty to another offense. The impact of a DUI conviction can affect a person for a lifetime. By hiring a seasoned and effective DUI defense lawyer, you’re giving yourself the best chance for a future with as few obstacles in front of you as possible.

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