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Getting An Accident Claim in Ritzville WA

An accident may leave you with serious injuries and a long recovery ahead all because of a careless driver’s mistake. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s a good idea to consult with a local attorney before signing off on any insurance documents or even talking to an insurance representative for the other driver.

Contact us and tell us what happened to you. During your free consultation, we’ll go over your best path to getting help with your physical and financial hardships after an accident. We will also advise you on some of the bad faith practices insurance agents may try on you.

Getting an Accident Report After a Collision in Ritzville

If you are involved in a collision in Ritzville and have an attorney representing your case your attorney will likely be obtaining the accident report for you. In a property damage-only case your insurance company may also be handling this duty.

If you need a copy of your accident report you’d need to make a phone call to the Ritzville Police Department at (509) 659 – 1313. You would need information like the location of the accident and the names of the drivers involved. A report number will also be helpful. There may be a charge to have your accident report sent to you depending on how long the report is.

If your accident happened along I-90 then a Washington State Patrol Officer was likely the officer that responded. You can visit their website at https://fortress.wa.gov/wsp/wrecr/WSPCRS/ to look at your report. If you need a copy of it you’ll be charged $10.50.

How do I know if I need an accident lawyer?

After a minor accident with no injuries or just scrapes and bruises, a standard insurance claim will likely be enough to get your car repaired. You won’t need an attorney for a case like that.

If your accident was more serious and resulted in a serious injury, you will be transferred to a more experienced insurance agent who will be working to diminish your claim and keep the compensation you could possibly get as small as possible. They may also delay responding to your claim and make you wait months while your bills pile up. An attorney working on your side can protect you from these tactics and make sure you are informed of every right accident victims have.

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