What if I’m injured in the State of Washington but I’m from Baltimore?

September 17, 2017

People from Canada, Idaho and all over the world visit Spokane Washington to go skiing or to see family or on business. Accidents are inevitable and will occur even if you’re in town and renting a car.

What if I’m from Baltimore?

If the accident took place here in Spokane County and you’re seeking an attorney, you will need an attorney licensed to practice in the State of Washington. While there are opportunities for attorneys from other states to represent clients here, it is a process. If you do contact an out of state attorney, your local attorney will refer you to a reputable law firm. This is a question we hear often. Just last week someone contacted their Maryland Personal Injury Attorney Fogam and Associates before reaching out to us.

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After any accident which occurred here in Spokane County, contact us for a free consultation and case evaluation. We will treat you just like you’re local even if you reside in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia or Baltimore.

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