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The Fourth of July is a great day to relax and spend time with family and be thankful for our country’s independence.

In Spokane there are several public displays people can safely watch which are very impressive. Some of our favorites include the display at the Deer Park High School, Lakeside Middle School, Pavilion Park in Liberty Lake and of course the fireworks at Riverfront Park in Spokane.

From June 28 – July 5th, people can also purchase some fireworks. For a complete list of regulations please see Fireworks regulation in Washington State.

Fireworks, Accidents and Injuries

Unfortunately, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that Emergency Departments are very busy this time of year. Annually, around 10,000 people will be injured by sparklers, rockets, firecrackers and other fireworks. Most victims in and around Spokane will be sent to Sacred Heart for treatment.

Do I need a personal injury lawyer?

Hopefully, if you are reading this, you or your loved one suffered only minor injuries which will heal quickly. Please do feel free to contact us about any injury – the call is free and we will be happy to provide any advice possible. Negligence and the misuse of fireworks often happens at the homes of neighbors, friends and relatives and we can assist you in navigating these injury claims.

In the event there are serious injuries or burn injuries, a great, local Spokane Personal Injury Lawyer can often help you obtain significantly more compensation for your injuries than you would receive without one.

Unfortunately, insurers wish to minimize claims even when people have scars or injuries which will last them a lifetime, and may even try to blame you for your injuries to accomplish their goal. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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