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What the penalties are when a person pleads or is found guilty of a first DUI is an issue that is often discussed in our offices. As a matter of public safety, the State of Washington wants to keep drivers who are under the influence of alcohol (DUI) and drugged drivers (DUID) off of the road. If a person is arrested and convicted of DUI or DUID, it’s the intention of the state legislature to make it an experience that a first offender will never forget. Even if minimum penalties are imposed, they’re financially painful.

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The following are at or close to what a first offender would be looking at.

Towing and Storage
This is when you start bleeding money. Expect to pay the towing cost from the scene of the arrest plus a daily storage fee. Towing will likely be $100 at a minimum, and storage will be about $15 per day. You’ll want to get your vehicle back fast.Administrative Hearing Fee
The fee for a hearing with the Department of Licensing on a mandatory driver’s license suspension is $375. That must be paid within seven days of the date of your arrest. The proper form for purposes of requesting a hearing can be obtained through the Department of Licensing. That must also be submitted within seven days of your arrest.Fines and Costs
The bare minimum DUI fine in Washington is $941.00. The good news is that court costs are usually packed in with that sum, but a judge, in his or her discretion, can order otherwise.

DUI or DUID Evaluation and Programs
Before sentencing, the attorneys and judge will want to see your alcohol or drug evaluation. You’ll be required to attend and successfully complete whatever level of alcohol or drug education that you will be assessed at. Most people are assessed at level one or level two. The evaluation is about $150. The level one program is about another $150, and level two can go as high as $300. Beware of the “free” evaluations. They’re not free at all.

Ignition Interlock Device
If you want to drive, you’re going to need an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle. The application fee for the device is $100. The installation fee is $150. Periodic calibration of the device is required at $100 per visit. Another $20 fee is assessed monthly for purposes of providing the devices to indigent defendants. There is even a $100 charge for having the device removed when it’s no longer needed.

License Reinstatement
If your driver’s license has been suspended, you will need to reinstate it after the suspension ends. When a suspension is the result of a DUI or DUID, the Department of Licensing charges a $150 fee. Then, there is a $54 issuance fee.

You might feel the financial pain of a DUI by just reading this. There are ways that all or some of it might be avoided.

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