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According to a survey just released by AT&T, almost half of all commuters admit to texting while driving. What is more alarming is that the 1011 commuters surveyed said they knew of the associated risk. Despite their knowledge of the potential harmful effects of such action, 49 percent of those surveyed admitted to texting while driving, and 43 percent actually considered it a habit.

The recent national efforts made at curbing texting while driving makes these results even more disappointing. While some large companies, such as AT&T have enacted anti-texting campaigns, the results seem to be dismal. Three years ago, 60 percent of commuters said they never texted while driving.

MA makes efforts to decrease the instances of texting and driving

According to the Norton Mirror , the Bliss and Distractology truck recently visited Norton High School. The truck, developed by the Arbella Insurance Foundation, is an interactive program aimed at teaching new drivers the dangers of distracted driving. Along with a mobile classroom, the truck is outfitted with high-tech simulators designed to give new drivers the opportunity to experience the effect of distracted driving.

Texting drivers must be held responsible for their actions

Of course, the dangers sustained as a result of texting while driving will depend on myriad factors. For instance, the faulting driver’s distraction may cause them to be unaware of the speed limit, leading to a more forceful impact in the event of a collision.

Although the resulting injuries can be widely varied, the recklessness of the texting driver will undoubtedly cause harm.

Bringing a suit against a texting driver whose recklessness caused injury is obviously a very detailed process and careful attention must paid throughout the entire investigation process, as this will typically establish the cause of the accident.

Moreover, the faulting driver’s insurance, or lack thereof, may play a large role in the litigation process. Consequently, having a comprehensive understanding of the driver’s insurance coverage will be helpful in assessing potential claims.

Unfortunately, automobile accidents are not only detrimental to the injured party, but can also have severe consequences on their family. Injuries sustained in such collisions tend to generate high medical bills, and can even leave the injured unable to work. An individual who has been injured by a texting driver should contact an experienced attorney.

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