Dean Chuang, Recommended Spokane DUI Attorney on Reddit

January 4, 2018

We are not very active on social media, however today we received a call from someone who told us there they were recommended by redditors. Redditors are members who are active on Reddit, a popular Internet forum of sorts.

Upon further investigation, we found the thread. It was great to see so multiple redditors recommending Attorney Dean Chuang.

Thanks Reddit!

Anyone who is not familiar with reddit can check out /r/spokane, the subreddit dedicated to Spokane Washington. This area of Reddit features local events, local Q&A, a “megathread” for people visiting Spokane and has several resources on the sidebar of the page for people seeking jobs and things of that nature.

Anyone looking to obtain a free consultation with Dean Chuang may contact us or visit our Spokane DUI Lawyer web page.

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