Dangerous Bicycle Accidents On North Division in Spokane WA

September 1, 2021

Bicyclists across Spokane confront traffic dangers with each ride they take. City workers can lay out bicycle lanes to keep cyclists safer, but a distracted or careless driver can render those precautions useless at times.

The risks for someone on a bike are especially high in intersections when cyclists must leave bike paths (where available) and trust motorists from every direction are following the laws governing traffic at a crossroads. Unfocused drivers can take a quick look around for other vehicles and quickly proceed into an intersection while overlooking the smaller profile of a cyclist.

Drivers aren’t just asked to take extra precautions when bike riders may be present, they owe a legal “duty of care” to unprotected and defenseless riders no matter where they encounter them.

Bicyclist Tragically Killed in Spokane Car Accident

A man on a bicycle lost his life over the weekend in northern Spokane. KHQ-TV reports the accident happened on Sunday night at the intersection of North Division Street and Hawthorne Road on August 29, 2021.

The Washington State Patrol says the 25-year-old bicyclist was crossing the intersection when he was hit. Investigators believe a 55-year-old woman driving a vehicle first struck the bicyclist. The victim was thrown from his bike and was then hit by another car.

The bicyclist was rushed to Sacred Heart Hospital and was later pronounced dead. The investigation into what led to the tragic accident continues.

Support for Families After a Tragic Spokane Bicycle Accident

Families will need time to cope with their grief after the tragic loss of a loved one on a Spokane road. Sadly, such a tragedy rarely provides protection for close relatives from the costs that arise after a devastating accident.

Family members may quickly face ambulance and hospital bills associated with an accident. They’ll also have to cover the costs of a proper memorial service and burial. Close loved ones must also prepare for the loss of guidance and financial support the victim can no longer provide in the months and years to come.

These hardships and more should earn complete support from an at-fault driver’s insurance company. A spouse, child of the victim, and sometimes the parents of the victim can file a wrongful death lawsuit in order to earn reimbursement for these damages and to protect the family from a future financial crisis.

Contact a Spokane Bicycle Accident Lawyer

A loved one can never be replaced, but the families left to mourn the victim of a tragic bicycle accident can seek support during such a difficult time. Insurance companies can seek to limit the help offered to close relatives after a tragedy, but a skilled Spokane Bicycle Accident Lawyer will make sure families receive everything they need as they begin to rebuild their lives.

Contact us after any accident resulting in a serious injury or the tragic loss of life of a family member for a confidential consultation that comes at no charge to you. We will only offer you advice that is in your family’s best interest.

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