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A man from Coeur d’Alene is in critical condition after being involved in a hit and run accident in Dalton Gardens.

According to a KHQ report, Kootenai County Sheriff’s and Kootenai County EMS responded to the scene of a hit and run crash and found the 45 year old man with severe injuries including a head injury.

Unfortunately, the driver who hit this pedestrian fled the scene of the accident without stopping to help the man.

Police are actively seeking the public’s assistance in this terrible accident. If you have information, please call the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Department at 208-446-1300. Information may be submitted anonymously via their anonymous tip form as well.

Will the driver go to jail?

Obviously, if you severely injure a pedestrian, you’re supposed to stop and help in any way reasonably possible. Failing to do so is a Felony in Idaho. If caught, the driver is likely going to be looking at felony charges.

Compensation after a hit and run accident

After a terrible accident like this, the injured victims may have a difficult time getting compensated by responsible parties and insurers. In some cases, insurance companies may even try to blame the victims for their injuries.

While the driver will likely be caught and prosecuted, in the event they are not, an injured person may turn to their own insurance company if they had uninsured motorist coverage. There are many variables here; for more information see our page dedicated to hit and run accidents in Idaho.

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