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In the State of Washington, there are at least 25 reasons why a person’s driver’s license might be suspended. Some people might confuse a suspension with a revocation, but there’s a difference. With a suspension, your license is taken away for less than a year. A revocation could be effective for anywhere between a year to a lifetime.

The compact
A compact is a reciprocal agreement between one state and another state. Although one state’s law on an issue might be different than another state’s law, if there is a compact between them, both states agree to enforce the other state’s law on that issue. What that means is that if your driver’s license is suspended in Washington, you’re probably not legal to drive in any other compact state either.

The consequences
If you get pulled over in another compact state, it’s highly likely that you’ll be charged with driving on a suspended license. Given the fact that you’re a non-resident of that compact state, you might even be held in jail until such time as you can post a bail bond. Your vehicle will be impounded, and you’ll need to pay to the towing and storage fees in order to get it back. Here’s another detail. You won’t be able to drive it home either. Now you’re really stuck between a rock and a hard spot. You’re guilty of driving on a suspended license in another state. That conviction will be reported to Washington’s Department of Licensing (DOL), and that will probably add on to your suspension time here.

DUI suspensions
Like every other state, Washington drivers face a license suspension after a DUI arrest. Unless a timely request for a hearing on the suspension is made, the general rule is that the suspension starts 60 days after the date of arrest. Even if a DUI charge against a person is dismissed, or he or she is found not guilty, the suspension still goes into effect. The only possible way to avoid or delay it is to send a completed DOL hearing request form to the DOL along with the appropriate fee within 20 days of the date of arrest. The actual hearing is conducted telephonically. Assuming that a person complies with the deadline, no suspension will occur until such time as there is a hearing and a decision. That could take anywhere between a week to more than a month. If a person prevails in a hearing, the driver’s license suspension is cancelled. If they lose, a grace period applies, and there’s still sufficient time to get an ignition interlock device and license.

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The loss of a driver’s license can be devastating. That’s why the State of Washington allows DUI defendants to drive during the suspension period with an ignition interlock device. Whether a suspension is based on a DUI arrest or any other reason, our knowledge and experience in working with DOL driver’s license hearings, rules and regulations could work to keep you on the road legally. Feel free to contact us about your individual driver’s license suspension issues.

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