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A car crash in Spokane claimed the life of one man. Although the investigation into this accident is ongoing, police officers believe DUI may have been a factor and a driver has been charged with Vehicular Homicide.

According to KHQ-Q6, this crash happened around 9:30PM at the intersection of 3rd and Liberty Park Place on April 26, 2018. Apparently, one male driver was trying to make a turn when another female driver struck his vehicle. The vehicle that hit the male driver was allegedly traveling as fast as twice posted speed limit.

First-responders immediately transported both drivers to a local hospital. Unfortunately, the male victim was soon pronounced dead.

DUI In Washington State: It’s Not Just About Alcohol

The Washington State Department of Transportation’s (WSDOT) latest report found that over 130 people lost their lives in DUI collisions over the course of 2017. Another 1,802 people were injured in these DUI accidents.

Unfortunately, most road safety experts believe these numbers are only set to rise in the ensuing years, especially with the legalization of recreational marijuana. Although we often think of DUI crashes as only involving alcohol, it’s important to remember that DUI includes any mind-altering substance. In addition to marijuana and illegal drugs, prescription drugs are a major cause of DUIs nowadays.

Before you hit the roads, be sure you know all the potential side effects of any drugs you’ve been prescribed. If you do a lot of driving, please discuss the best times to take your drugs with your primary care physician.

CCD Law: Experts In DUI Accident Compensation

We sincerely hope you or someone close to you never have to endure the pain and misery of a DUI accident. If you are involved either directly or indirectly in a crash, however, you should know that CCD Law is on your side and represents victims of DUI related car accidents.

Keep in mind that insurance companies are only concerned with maximizing their profits. It’s extremely important to get in touch with a professional Spokane Car Accident Lawyer to preserve and protect your rights. All consultation calls to us are free and confidential. Contact us after any serious accident.

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