July 16, 2016

Pedestrian crashes are common throughout the year, but are especially prevalent during the summer when more people are likely to be out walking.

Now that it’s summer, more people are likely to take advantage of the warm weather and will leave the house for a walk or run, rather than driving to their destinations. Walking is great exercise, says Smart Growth America, but pedestrians in many areas of the country are at risk of being hurt or killed by drivers.

Pedestrian accidents are common nearly everywhere in the country, and the National Safety Council is addressing this important issue, and others, with National Safety Month in June. Various safety topics will be focused on during this campaign, including summer safety, distracted driving and being aware of your surroundings. These are all important issues when it comes to keeping pedestrians safe near traffic. Unfortunately, while many communities in Washington and across the country are making attempts to create safer roadways for pedestrians to walk along, pedestrian fatalities have increased at least 4 percent in recent years, says the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Many roads still not safe for pedestrian traffic

Roads that are notorious for pedestrian accidents include crowded metropolitan areas and undeveloped roadways with high speed limits. Although crosswalks and other safety devices have been installed along the majority of city streets throughout Washington, these are no guarantee of safety. For example, The Spokesman-Review reported on an incident in March, when a woman trying to cross a Spokane street was hit in the crosswalk by an elderly woman making a right turn. The victim was hospitalized in serious condition, and officers were determining whether to cite the woman who hit her.

Pedestrians can be difficult for drivers to see, but many accidents occur simply because drivers were not paying attention to everything around them. There is much more that should be taken in besides nearby vehicle traffic: Parked cars, crosswalks and sidewalks are all places where pedestrians can be found. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, some people are more likely than others to be hit by a car. These include:

  • Senior citizens.
  • Children and teenagers.
  • Alcohol-impaired pedestrians.
  • People who work near roadways, such as police officers or construction workers.

Car accidents are also places where pedestrians are likely to be struck, as people get out of their vehicles to assess the damage and speak to others involved.

Contacting an attorney

Pedestrians are highly likely to be seriously injured after being struck by a car. If you or a family member was a pedestrian who was hurt by a negligent driver, contact an experienced personal injury attorney right away to discuss possible compensation.

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