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Interstates can be dangerous places for motorists. Especially when an emergency on the road ahead is missed by an approaching driver until it’s too late to brake or steer clear of a collision.

Across Cheney and Spokane County in 2020 motor vehicle accidents took their toll on victims and families. The Washington State DOT found that the county saw over 6,000 vehicle accidents for the year. 164 of those crashes involved serious injuries and a heartbreaking 51 incidents resulted in a fatality on our roads.

I-90 Rollover Collision In Cheney

A crash on Interstate 90 in Cheney sent a vehicle rolling over and injured two people Saturday afternoon. KREM2-TV reported the accident happened in the eastbound lanes near the Tyler-Cheney interchange on January 16, 2020.

The Washington State Patrol says a car had slowed down on the interstate between exits 257 and 264 due to engine trouble. This led to another car rear-ending the first car. The impact turned the first vehicle over. Two people were hurt in the collision.

Investigators said the victims had non-life-threatening injuries. They did not release information on any charges resulting from the crash.

Assistance for Victims in Rollover Crashes

Traffic on interstates moves faster than generally any other roadway and that increased velocity can make any collisions that much more hazardous to drivers and passengers involved. An obstacle or a motorist in distress can appear over a horizon and if drivers aren’t paying full attention to the road, they can come up too fast on a scene and cause a terrible collision.

Motorists can be traveling at the posted speed limit, but the law really requires them to travel at safe speeds for conditions. If a vehicle is slowed or stopped in the road, the speed limit becomes whatever velocity is necessary to be able to avoid an accident.

When drivers travel too fast for conditions and don’t adjust to changing circumstances in front of them, accidents happen and people can get hurt. In these cases, victims are permitted to file a claim for damages against an at-fault driver’s insurance coverage. The insurance company will be asked to provide compensation for every cost of hospital care needed to get victims back on their feet. The claim can also help with monthly bills the victims may not be able to meet while they’ve had to lose hours at their place of employment.

Contact a Spokane Car Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one are injured in an accident on I-90 allow an experienced attorney to fight on your side. A lawyer working for you can investigate and collect evidence in your case and present a doubtless case to insurance agents. You didn’t cause your accident and you shouldn’t have to pay a penny of the expenses associated with your recovery.

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