Children Injured in Spokane Valley Car Wreck

April 25, 2017

As Spokane Valley Car Accident Lawyers we hear about many of the car wrecks which occur here in the Valley, and none are more concerning than accidents involving kids.

Since children do not drive, they are typically injured as a passenger. Whose car they were a passenger in can complicate things. Were they a passenger in their parent’s car? Were they traveling with a babysitter? Were they a teenager riding with their best friend? All accidents are very different and these are things an attorney can go over with you.

A recent accident

In April 2017, 4 kids aged 12 – 14 were injured in a car driven by a 19yr old. The woman driving the car was charged with vehicular assault. According to The Spokesman-Review, Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputies estimate that the vehicle was traveling twice the posted speed limit of 25MPH and failed to slow down as it approached a sharp corner at Barker Road where it hit a concrete barrier. Thankfully, everyone survived although one of the children in the crash did suffer a “serious head injury”.

Liability and car insurance

As a passenger who was not steering the vehicle, children are almost never at fault for an accident. If the crash involved a single vehicle, the driver of that vehicle is almost always at fault as well. However, insurance companies deal with accidents all day every day and may allege that people injured in accidents were somehow negligent or at fault for their injuries. This happens often when people are not wearing a seat belt.

Children may be covered by the at fault party’s insurance company and often by the parent’s insurance as well.

In many cases, insurers may offer to pay for hospital bills. However, if your child was involved in a serious accident, they may have future medical needs or injuries which affect them for years or decades into the future.

Do I need a car accident lawyer?

If your child was injured in a car accident, please feel free to contact us for a free and confidential consultation. CCD Law has been assisting clients with legal matters in Spokane Valley since 1948. We are compassionate and caring attorneys. In some cases our services are not needed. In other cases we can make a drastic difference. Either way we will help you make sure that your child’s medical needs are taken care of for many years to come in every way possible.

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