Filing a Personal Injury Claim With Progressive in Spokane

If you were injured by someone and Progressive was their insurer, contact us today for a free and confidential consultation.

Progressive Insurance is one of the most successful auto insurance companies in the United States. It currently has more than 13 million policies in effect. Progressive is so big that it even does business in Australia. It employs more than 25,000 people, and takes in more than $14 billion in premiums every year.

It’s All About the Bottom Line
Like any other insurance company, Progressive cashes premium checks and invests the money. In its efforts to keep its bottom line healthy, Progressive wants to settle claims such as car accident claims quickly for as little compensation as possible. It isn’t at all apprehensive about denying claims either. That pads the bottom line even more.

Controlling the Claim
When you make a personal injury claim, Progressive wants to control of it. The insurer even provides information on its website that tells readers what they should do in the event that they’re in an accident. One of those tidbits is to call Progressive to report the claim. That’s when it tries to take control of the claim from the victim who was injured as a result of the carelessness and negligence of Progressive’s own insured person. Progressive knows that it’s likely going to have to pay out on the claim. Now it will start the devaluation or denial process.

The Statement
The first thing that Progressive is going to want from you is a written or recorded statement detailing how the crash that you were injured in occurred. An adjuster from Progressive will phone you “to see how you’re doing and to firm up liability.” The adjuster will say that he or she wants to help you, but before any help can be given, your statement is needed. If you agree to give that statement, questions from a script will be framed in a way that paint you into a corner. You might even be pressured into agreeing with facts that aren’t completely accurate. The purpose of that statement isn’t to help you or firm up liability. Your own words will be used against you to attack your credibility in the future. No law in the State of Washington requires you to give a statement to an opposing insurer. Politely refuse to give any type of a statement, and call us right away to arrange for a free consultation and case review.

The Medical Authorization
Progressive might also want you to sign a medical authorization. By signing and returning that authorization, you’re giving Progressive the opportunity to look for records of a prior injury to the same part of your body. If it finds one, it’s going to try to devalue your claim by arguing that you’re already damaged goods. The law in the State of Washington doesn’t require you to provide that authorization either. If we’re representing you, we’ll provide Progressive with whatever medical information that we think it needs to resolve your claim.

Don’t Expect an insurer to Negotiate Fairly Without Us
Progressive’s claims and legal departments consist of motivated adjusters and attorneys. There isn’t a working day that goes by when they don’t try to either devalue or totally deny claims. The facts surrounding your case might be undeniable. The care and treatment that you received for your injuries may have been perfectly reasonable and necessary too, but without us representing you, Progressive has no reason to negotiate fairly. The only motivation it has to negotiate fairly is when it faces us and the prospect of facing a judge who orders it to pay. You’re not going to be able to do that on your own.

Contact a Spokane Personal Injury Lawyer

Progressive might even contact you before you’re able to contact us. Just tell that adjuster that you want to speak with us first. Don’t allow yourself to be pressured or bullied. You have the right to consult with an attorney, so contact us right away for a free consultation and case review after being injured in any accident in or around Spokane involving Progressive Insurance. If you hire us, we’ll control your claim rather than Progressive, and we won’t even charge a penny of legal fees unless we obtain a settlement or a verdict for you. Invoke and protect your rights rather than relinquishing them. Contact us right away after any accident involving Progressive.

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