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Dealing With Metromile Insurance After A Spokane Accident

In the moments after a frightening accident in Spokane, you will naturally be focused on the safety of yourself and your loved ones. But over the coming days, you’ll have no choice but to get to know the at-fault driver’s chosen insurance provider.

You may find yourself dealing with an old-fashioned insurance giant like Allstate or State Farm, or you may be calling upon a relatively new and innovative option like Metromile to try to get help lightening your financial burden after a collision.

If you find yourself struggling with a driver’s insurance company just to get your basic needs met after an injury, talk to the car accident lawyers with CCD Law of Spokane. Contact us for a free consultation on your case and some important advice on dealing with insurance companies and the tricks they’ve been using for years. Don’t end up paying for the consequences of an accident that you didn’t cause.

Filing an Accident Claim with Metromile in Spokane

Metromile is a unique insurance firm that’s now about a decade old. It only offers coverage to drivers in eight states at the moment and Washington happens to be on the list. The tech start-up offers policyholders a difference by using a pay-per-mile scale when it comes to premiums. The less you drive, the more you save.

They also install a sensor on your car to keep track of mileage. Unfortunately, they don’t track how safe their customers are driving. When it comes to getting into a car accident with a Metromile driver, the track record isn’t good for injured victims. ValuePenquin finds that customer reviews seem to suggest their claims process is below average and that claims can take weeks or months to settle.

Those are troubling assessments, especially if you were hurt in an accident, have built up a lot of medical expenses, and are losing paychecks while missing shifts at work. You may have to deal with low-rated customer service and that’s on top of the already questionable treatment insurance firms are known to offer victims.

Insurance Schemes to Devalue Your Claim After a Spokane Accident

After only a few weeks into your accident claim, you may come to know what experts have been telling us. Insurance companies cover car accidents to make money, not to help victims.

Metromile can use some of the tried-and-true tricks of the insurance industry to try to make accident victims even more vulnerable than they already are.

As already noted by their customer reviews, they may take a long time to respond to your claim and even longer to offer you any compensation. Intentional or not, this can leave you in a desperate situation as healthcare bills mount and your savings dwindle. Then when Metromile is ready to make you an offer, they can make you a “lowball” deal and hope you are just desperate enough to accept anything they extend to you.

Insurance companies can also spend a lot of effort on tearing down your reputation and your accident case piece by piece. These are just a few of the ploys they’ll try:

  • Question your evidence – Metromile may say that the evidence and police findings aren’t enough to prove their driver caused the accident. This may not be remotely true, but if you don’t have legal representation, insurance agents hope that you’ll be intimidated or frustrated enough to just give up your right to compensation.
  • A check of your driving and medical records – Insurance agents can pull up your driving records to show that you’ve had incidents in the past that call into question if you’re a safe driver. They may also look into your medical history to find any injuries similar to the ones you have now. They may claim that their driver didn’t cause your injury, that it’s a flare-up from a past issue. These tactics are usually just a distraction to get you feeling unsure about your claim. These negative attacks are usually used to get you to lower your expectations when it comes to the compensation you’ll receive. An attorney will spot this attempt and make sure you stand firm for a fair offer.
  • Use what you say against you – Your attorney will warn you about making statements of any kind to Metromile representatives or the at-fault driver. Phone calls can be recorded and any statement you give can come back to haunt you. Agents are trained to ask questions that can make it sound like you don’t believe in your own account of what happened. Always let your lawyer handle all communications with insurance agents and other lawyers.

For more help in dealing with other major insurance companies visit our insurance page. You’ll find further information there on companies like Progressive and Allstate.

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