Dealing With Liberty Mutual After A Spokane Collision

An accident in Spokane, anywhere across the Valley, or in Coeur d’Alene can leave you with serious injuries and facing an expensive and long recovery. If you aren’t to blame for your accident, you may be forced to deal with a giant insurance provider like Liberty Mutual covering the at-fault driver.

You may be an innocent victim in an accident and be in need of immediate support, but Liberty Mutual may still drag its feet on your injury claim and may even try to turn the blame to you. It’s just a few tactics in the long list of common tricks insurance firms have been using on victims for decades.

A Spokane Accident Lawyer Helping Victims Facing Liberty Mutual

The attorneys at Spokane’s CCD Law have been protecting those injured in accidents from predatory insurance practices for over 70 years. We’ve seen every trick insurance companies can come up with to keep compensation money out of the victims’ hands that need it the most.

Contact our lawyers for a free and confidential evaluation of your accident. Let us know what happened and we can start building your case to make sure a company like Liberty Mutual can’t start casting doubt on the liability of their driver. You didn’t cause your accident and you should never have to face the financial burdens of recovery alone.

Liberty Mutual Bad Faith Accident Claim Practices

You may enjoy seeing the Liberty Mutual “Li-Mu Emu” in their commercials, but that may be the only experience you’ve had with the company. That will change if you’re in an accident with a driver covered by Liberty Mutual.

The company makes the top ten list of biggest car insurers in the nation and they are also known for their commercial auto insurance coverage. So if you are hit by an everyday driver or a rideshare or delivery driver there’s a pretty good chance you may have to seek help from Liberty Mutual.

Unfortunately, their agents are well prepared for your accident claim. They know how to funnel you into a situation where they can lower your expectations and get you so desperate you’ll accept any settlement offer they make.

Here’s a breakdown of their most common tactics:

  • Delay — First, they put off their response to your claim and then they take their time making you a settlement offer. They know that the longer you have to sit with your mounting bills and calls from creditors, the easier it will be to get you to sign a lowball offer. You need an attorney working with you to call out Liberty Mutual when they use stall tactics and when they float you an unfair compensation amount.
  • Deny – Insurance agents can also flat out deny your claim, just to test your resolve. They may use the fine print to wrongfully toss out your case hoping you don’t have a lawyer who is double-checking their work. They may also just be trying to see if you’ll give up after your first try. If they luck out and you do walk away with nothing, they’ve saved thousands of dollars for Liberty Mutual.
  • Defend – This is the part all insurance companies try to avoid. They don’t want to meet you in a courtroom because it costs them a lot of money in legal fees and their shady handling of your case may be brought to light. If you have an attorney backing up your case with physical evidence, police reports, medical charts, and witness testimony it’s usually enough to scare insurance agents. They will reconsider making you a fair settlement offer rather than face a judge and jury.

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Do I need a lawyer when facing Liberty Mutual after an accident?

Yes. Liberty Mutual will have experienced adjusters investigating your case looking for ways to cast doubt on your account of what happened. They may also be avoiding telling you about some of your rights under the law as an injured victim. Basically, it’s their job to get you out the door by getting you to accept an unfair offer or getting you to give up your claim and to accept nothing from Liberty Mutual.  A lawyer can help you detour around all of this frustration and confusion. Having an attorney on your side can be the difference in getting just an ambulance ride paid for and getting your entire recovery covered, your missed time from work reimbursed, and any hardships expected in the future factored in.

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