Filing an Injury Claim With GEICO in Spokane WA

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GEICO is the second largest insurance company in the United States. It insures about 22 million vehicles for about 13 million people. Its estimated revenue is more than $25 billion. It didn’t get that rich by giving money away. In fact, GEICO’s goal is to dispose of liability claims against it as soon as possible with as little expense as possible. If it successfully devalues or denies a claim, that money saved goes directly to GEICO’s bottom line. Investors like that. GEICO’s biggest investor is Warren Buffett, one of the wealthiest men in the United States.

Devaluing Your Claim

When a liability claim comes into GEICO on an auto accident, a claim file is opened, and an adjuster is assigned to that claim file. One of the first things that adjuster will do is contact the claimant “just to see how you’re feeling” and obtain a recorded statement from the claimant as to how the accident occurred. Washington law doesn’t require you to give that statement, and we recommend that you politely refuse to give it. GEICO could use that statement and any other information that it obtains against you in the future in efforts to devalue your claim and attack your credibility. The law doesn’t require you to help the other side in its defense of your claim against it. Rather than relinquishing your rights, invoke and protect them by contacting us right away after any accident. We’ll arrange for a free consultation and case review for you with one of our personal injury attorneys. Anything that you say to us is confidential.

Don’t Be Too Nice

No matter how friendly and concerned about your injuries that a GEICO adjuster seems to be, his or her job is to protect the company’s bottom line. Our system in the United States is adversarial. You’re under no duty to help any insurer hang onto its money. Don’t feel threatened or intimidated.

You Can’t Take That Statement Back

If you already gave GEICO a statement, you’re probably not going make your adjuster nervous by telling him or her that you’re going to file a lawsuit that spins off of your accident. You’ve already been nice, and you’ve given up facts about the accident and information about your prior medical history that its army of defense attorneys could use against you.

Representing Yourself in Court

You don’t just show up in court with a pile of medical bills and ask a judge to admit them into evidence. There are rules of procedure and evidence that must be followed. If you intend on bringing a stack of medical bills and reports to court and having a judge sort through them, you’ve made another major mistake in representing yourself in in your case. You might win, but you’ll walk away with a judgment for little or nothing. It won’t be much of a victory.

Our Job

Yes, you have rights, but you don’t really know how to effectively protect and invoke them. GEICO knows who we are, and GEICO respects us. We’ve successfully stood toe to toe with that insurance Goliath in the past. When you retain us to represent you for the damages you suffered at the hands of a person who is insured by GEICO, we’ll do everything that the law allows us to do to maximize any settlement or verdict on your behalf.

Contact a Spokane Personal Injury Lawyer

Remember that when you make a personal injury claim against GEICO or not, it’s going to do everything that it legally can to protect its bottom line. That includes using your own words or medical history against you and attacking your credibility. Don’t fall for the adjuster’s ploy when he or she contacts you right after the accident. Contact us right away, and we’ll arrange for a free consultation and case review. If we’re retained to represent you, you’ll never hear from that adjuster again.

It won’t cost you a single penny to hire us. That’s because we don’t even get paid any legal fees unless we obtain a settlement or verdict for you. Don’t let GEICO try to devalue your claim or shift blame over onto you. Contact us right away after being injured in any accident involving GEICO. We know how it tries to devalue legitimate claims. Our goal is to maximize any settlement or verdict on your behalf with professional and effective representation.

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