Filing a Claim With Farmers Insurance After An Accident in Spokane WA

Spokane drivers face traffic hazards every day. Those dangers can come at you on I-90, downtown, in the Valley, or anywhere else in Eastern Washington. They appear in the form of distracted drivers, reckless drivers, or just plain careless drivers.

Unfortunately, at some point, you will probably be placed in a no-win situation by another motorist and be forced into a crash. In the days and weeks that follow, you’ll likely have to get to know that at-fault driver’s insurance provider all too well.

National carriers like Farmers Insurance cover a lot of drivers and a lot of accidents each year. Unfortunately, all that experience has turned insurance companies into a heartless, streamlined industry nowadays that rarely does the right thing for victims dealing with an injury.

Dealing with Farmers Insurance After a Spokane Accident

You may have one insurance provider your whole life, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to deal with other insurers. When other drivers cause an accident that damages your vehicle you’ll have to work with their insurance agents. It can be a frustrating process, but if you suffer a serious injury in that crash, that claims process can get even more complicated.

Farmers operates out of Los Angeles and conducts business like many other large insurers. Meaning they can make their drivers’ victims jump through hoops just to get basic assistance with paying for visits to the doctor and covering lost hours at work. The usual strategy is to make a victim wait as long as possible so that when Farmers agents make a lowball settlement offer, victims have no choice but to take it.

Having an attorney on your side during this process can lead to a much different outcome for you. These are just some of the tactics used in the insurance game that your lawyer can detect and quickly deflect for you:

  • Failure to promptly and thoroughly investigate a claim – As mentioned above, Farmers Agents can let a claim sit on their desks or on an email server for weeks, just waiting for you to get desperate. They may move very quickly and that can also be bad for you. Farmers may be so eager to get a case settled they don’t even bother to look into what happened or the consequences that you’ve suffered. Adjusters can get bonuses for clearing up your claim quickly. They may just send a standard and unfair settlement offer no matter the circumstances and hope you’ll accept it.
  • Shortchanging benefits they offer to victims – Insurance companies won’t tell you about all of the services and benefits they provide to accident victims. These can be immediate benefits to you and may include free transportation and other helpful perks that can be a big help while you await the outcome of your claim. You don’t get them unless you know to ask. Your lawyer will know how to take advantage of these services.
  • Hitting you with the fine print – When you don’t have a legal expert on your side, insurance companies assume you don’t understand all of the legal language that affects your case. They can deny your claim or say that there are limits on compensation due to rules found in the small print of a policy. Your attorney can check over any policy and quickly know what’s real and what’s a ploy to get you out the door for little cost to Farmers.

For more help in dealing with other major insurance providers visit our page. You’ll find further information there on companies like State Farm and Geico.

Wrongful Death Claims Against an Insurance Company

A family that has a loved one taken from them due to the negligence of a driver may be seeking to find some sort of justice in the aftermath of an accident. Close relatives may have to file a wrongful death claim against Farmers Insurance to try to protect themselves from sudden financial burdens such as hospital bills that built up before the victim passed on. The costs of settling the deceased’s estate can also target families during this difficult time. Funeral and burial costs can easily threaten to bankrupt a family in crisis.

At such a tragic time, insurance providers like Farmers can still stall and try to devalue a wrongful death lawsuit to save in compensation costs. Adjusters may even try to shift accident blame to the deceased victim in their desperation to save a few dollars. Their policyholder caused the accident and your family’s attorney can help you prove it.

Your attorney can fight for everything that’s been taken from you and your family and even demand compensation for the loss of financial support the victim would have provided in the future. The family has also been robbed of the emotional support the victim would have provided them through life’s important moments in the years to come. That loss should also figure heavily into an award for the family.

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