Dealing With AAA Insurance After A Spokane Accident

When Spokane area motorists are unfortunate enough to get drawn into accidents by bad drivers, the injuries involved and the damage to vehicles can be difficult enough to deal with. Victims will want to rebuild their lives as soon as possible, but they’ll be facing a third obstacle to their recovery. The at-fault driver’s insurance company that they’ll be forced to wrestle with for even the most basic help with hospital bills.

That driver may end up being an AAA member and carry an AAA insurance policy. To get compensation for your injuries and the other hardships accidents always put victims through you may have to face very unhelpful AAA agents. You’ll also start to see the tricks they like to roll out when dealing with the victims of their drivers. Tricks that try to limit your award to as little as possible or even nothing at all.

Support for Accident Victims Dealing with AAA Insurance

If you are involved in an accident caused by an AAA insurance policyholder, you’ll want to contact a Spokane Car Accident Lawyer with CCD Law. We help protect victims of accidents in the Spokane area and Northern Idaho. You didn’t cause your accident and you shouldn’t find yourself facing all of the damages that result alone.

As a victim, you may not know all of the rights and services due to you after an accident. These are all things an insurance agency won’t be filling you in on. Contact us for a free look at your case and to learn some definite things to look out for as you deal with a large insurance firm.

Warning Signs for Accident Victims Facing AAA Insurance Agents

Large insurance companies all work off of a similar playbook. Confuse you, make you wait, and then offer you a lowball settlement. You can be forgiven for signing off on less than you should be getting for your accident and injury. You don’t have the legal background necessary to keep track of all the ways insurance companies try to fool you. They will take advantage of this if you don’t have a legal representative watching out for you.

Here are a few of the methods AAA Insurance will employ to make sure you don’t get full compensation for your injury:

  • Many Different AAA Providers: This is part of the confusion we mentioned above. AAA coverage across the nation doesn’t all come from the same insurance company. AAA insurance is an umbrella company of sorts when it comes to insurance. You may be dealing with an insurer based in Seattle, Southern California, CSAA Insurance in Colorado, or another smaller company from around the country. Each insurance provider under the AAA brand deals with accident victims differently and has specific services and policies. You won’t know all of the differences that apply to your case. The insurance agent assigned to your case wants to keep you in the dark.
  • Delayed Justice: There may be no question over who caused your accident. AAA Insurance’s driver is to blame, but AAA can still take as long as they want to respond to your claim for damages. They may also leave you hanging for months before making you a settlement offer. They stall so that as receive more and more invoices from the hospital and your doctors you’ll become more and more desperate. Without an attorney on your side, you may not even know this bad faith practice is underway.
  • Unfair Offers: This is why they’ve stalled and gotten you stressed out, so you’ll accept any lowball offer they make you. Your injury is likely worth a lot more than you think. Your full recovery will also be more expensive than you think. Things like physical therapy and returning to work may take much longer than you expect. All of these future hardships should go into any settlement offer. Your attorney can ensure these factors are considered and evaluate any offer with you to make sure you’re being treated fairly.

For some tips on what to do when you’re forced to deal with other major insurance providers visit our insurance page. You’ll find further information there on companies like PEMCO and State Farm.

What if I was partially at fault for my car accident?

Your attorney will gather evidence and round-up witness testimony to make sure you have a strong case against an at-fault driver and AAA Insurance. But if you do end up having to accept some blame for your accident it doesn’t mean you can’t get any compensation to help with your bills.

Under Washington’s comparative negligence laws you and other drivers are allowed to share the liability in an accident. The legal concept of contributory fault can mean you are assigned a percentage of the blame in a crash. At the same time, the other driver can also be found negligent and must also accept some responsibility. You could still expect the other driver’s insurance company to provide compensation for your hospital bills and other damages. Your final award would just have your percentage of blame subtracted from it. These compensation awards can still be enough to greatly reduce the bills you have to pay.

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In business for over 70 years, Crary, Clark, Domanico, & Chuang, P.S. has been protecting victims of car accidents in Washington and Northern Idaho for a long time. If our Spokane Car Accident Lawyers represent you for your accident case, you have our assurance that we will defend you from the tricks insurance companies like AAA like to use. Contact us after any accident resulting in a serious injury for a free, confidential consultation and case evaluation.

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