Should I hire a personal injury attorney if I am in a fender bender in Washington State?

After an accident involving only car damage, you may not need a lawyer to get fair treatment. If your accident involves a serious injury or if you are being unfairly blamed for the crash, a car accident attorney can help.

Car Insurance companies usually take care of car repairs and even the costs to treat a minor injury quickly. But when a serious injury is involved and hospital bills begin to rise, insurance adjusters often resort to unfair tactics to try to get out of accepting responsibility. A Spokane Car Accident Lawyer can be a worthwhile safeguard to make sure blame can’t be shifted and that an insurer doesn’t escape liability to leave you to pay your own recovery costs.

Contact a Spokane Car Accident Lawyer for a Free Case Consultation

If you can’t figure out if you’ll need the protection of a car accident lawyer or not, there’s an easy way to find out. Contact a Spokane car accident attorney with CCD Law and ask for a free case consultation. It’s a confidential way to determine if you could earn more than an insurance adjuster is letting on.

There’s no obligation for your free case review, but if you feel we can help you earn the most for your injury claim, you won’t need to worry about having money to hire us. CCD Law doesn’t get paid unless we earn a victory for you. Then our fee is paid out of the settlement money you receive.

Should I Call a Lawyer After a Fender Bender

A fender bender on a Spokane street or on I-90 can shake you up a bit and leave you frustrated. However, if your accident involves car damage, but doesn’t result in any serious injuries, you can usually deal with insurance companies yourself.

Car repairs or car replacement and things like rental car provisions have become fairly standardized. As long as the at-fault driver’s car insurance company accepts responsibility, the matter should be handled to your satisfaction.

A lawyer probably can’t improve the outcome of your case that much when you suffer only a few bruises or scratches in your accident. However, CCD Law of Spokane offers free consultations to all victims. So, if you have questions about how you are being treated, there’s no risk in talking to a skilled Spokane Car Accident Attorney about your case.

When to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

When you suffer a serious injury, like a broken bone or head trauma, in your accident, it would seem like a car insurance company would do all the more to help you through such a difficult time. Unfortunately, this is when car insurance companies can be the most unhelpful. They get nervous about what a full recovery will cost and try everything they can to save their companies money.

When car insurance companies start to question every aspect of your case, you could need a personal injury lawyer to set the record straight. If not, you could be robbed of the compensation you and your family need to rebuild your lives.

When these and other complications in the claims process arise, you should hear a little warning in your head. It’s time to talk with a car accident lawyer about your case when:

  • Your accident involves a serious injury.
  • You are being blamed for an accident you weren’t at fault for.
  • An insurance company doesn’t want to cover all of your medical bills.
  • An insurance company rejects your claim outright.

Insurance Tactics To Beware of After a Car Accident in Washington

When you require medical care for something more than a minor injury, the costs can quickly escalate. Car insurance companies get nervous about having to cover hospital bills and physical therapy expenses, perhaps for months to come.

They start looking for ways to poke holes in your account of what happened. They may even question what your doctors say about your injuries.

These and other tactics can greatly reduce the amount on your car accident settlement check:

  • Delayed Response: A car insurance company can purposely take a long time to process your claim. They wait to respond because the longer you wait the more desperate you may get as you miss more paychecks at work while down with an injury. This loss of income makes it almost impossible to pay hospital bills and keep up with normal monthly expenses like car payments and a mortgage. If you’re desperate, you might be more willing to accept less in a car accident settlement. Your lawyer wouldn’t let you accept less than what’s fair and would demand more.
  • Shifting Blame: Insurance companies also like to try to shift blame in an accident. They try this to see if you’ll fight back. Without a car accident lawyer on your side, it might be hard to prove your innocence. They may try to dig up your old driving records to try to show that you are reckless. They may also use some of your early statements about the accident to discredit your claim.
  • Question Your Injuries: Insurance companies can downplay your injuries and try to get you to accept less in accident compensation for your medical expenses. This can leave you with a big portion of your medical bills to pay out your own savings. You should never have to cover the costs of recovery after an accident you didn’t cause.

Contact a Spokane Car Accident Lawyer

In Washington, car accident victims have up to three years to seek compensation for an injury. But victims shouldn’t wait years to determine if they have a strong case or not. If you suffer a serious injury or if you are being unfairly blamed for a crash, talk to an experienced Spokane Car Accident Lawyer. It’s a free meeting to go over what your case is really worth before insurance adjusters try to convince you it’s worth nothing at all.

Contact the Lawyers at CCD Law of Spokane for a consultation on the details of your case. It comes at no cost to you. This is a confidential, no-obligation meeting with a real lawyer about what you should be demanding from a car insurance company.


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