Car Accidents in Spokane Resulting in Skull Fractures

May 28, 2020

Any type of traumatic brain injury after a car accident can be extremely dangerous. The human skull consists of eight bones that protect the brain. If one or more of those bones are fractured from blunt trauma, actual physical damage can be done to the brain. That injury can result in permanent brain damage.

Auto Accidents and Brain Injuries

A strong blow to the head caused by the impact of a car crash can cause a deep cut and a skull fracture that results in a traumatic brain injury. These are known as open brain injuries, and they’re particularly dangerous if the skull and brain have been penetrated by bone or a foreign object like metal or glass.

A Spokane Valley Skull Fracture Accident

The Washington State Patrol reports that earlier this week, a single-vehicle DUI accident on Interstate 90 sent an 18-year-old female and her three passengers to a local hospital after she lost control of the vehicle she was driving.  She’s alleged to have hit a barrier near the Evergreen exit. After that, she reportedly crashed through a chain-link fence. One of her passengers suffered a fractured skull. The extent of the fracture and whether there was any type of brain injury hasn’t been disclosed. Nobody in the vehicle was wearing seat belts.

Victims Need Legal Help

Our dedicated and experienced attorneys strongly believe that innocent victims who suffered serious injuries in motor vehicle crashes require the representation of knowledgeable and effective Spokane car accident lawyer. After being injured in a car accident anywhere in or around Spokane, victims can contact our law firm to arrange for a free consultation and case evaluation.

Types of Skull Fractures

There are different types of skull fractures that take different forms. Here are a few common types of skull fractures:

  • Simple fractures that sometimes occur without the skin even being broken. These are known as closed head injuries, and they’re usually less dangerous than open fractures.
  • Compound fractures when the skin is lacerated and the skull is fractured.
  • Basal fractures at the base of the head that carry a likelihood of brain injury.
  • Depressed fractures that might be the most dangerous skull fractures. When the skull fractures, the bone or fragments of it are pushed toward the brain.

Some Common Skull Fracture Symptoms

Any possible skull fracture must be approached and treated quickly and carefully. Whether the suspected fracture is closed or open, here are some of the more common symptoms of skull fractures that victims and their families should be aware of:

  • Loss of consciousness, even just for seconds,
  • Dizziness and confusion.
  • Bruising under the eyes.
  • Bleeding from the nose, ears or both.
  • Slurred or incoherent speech.
  • Blurred vision

Contact CCD Law

If you suspect that you suffered a skull fracture in any kind of accident, immediate attention by paramedics is of vital importance. They can stabilize you and get you to an emergency room. If you suspect that a friend or family member suffered such an injury, don’t move the victim and apply continuous pressure on any bleeding. Call 911 right away. After that, you or somebody on your behalf can contact our offices to arrange for that free consultation and case review with a qualified, effective, and aggressive Spokane brain injury lawyer. Just call at 509.926.4900 or use our easy contact form, and you can learn how we can help you. Not a penny’ of legal fees is due unless we obtain a settlement or award on your behalf.

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