Car Accidents involving traumatic amputation injuries in Northern Idaho

July 15, 2020

In an accident, a driver can, in an instant, realize a collision is unavoidable.  The accident can be especially frightening from the passenger seat.  A passenger isn’t in control of the vehicle but can suffer the same serious consequences in a crash.

A severe injury may mean an amputation is necessary.  Traumatic accidents are responsible for around 45% of all amputations.  And of those traumatic accidents, vehicle crashes are the number one cause.

In these cases, a victim can be facing a lengthy recovery and a major change in lifestyle. A passenger injured in an accident is protected by the law and can receive compensation for all injuries.

Kootenai County Auto Accident with Injuries

A Coeur d’Alene man and woman were rushed to the hospital after a single-vehicle accident in Rathdrum Sunday morning, July 12, 2020. Idaho State Police say the 23-year old man lost control of his Ford Taurus at the intersection of Pine Street and Wright Street and then collided with a power pole.

The passenger side of the car absorbed the impact.  The Kootenai Valley Times reported the female passenger lost her arm in the collision.  Both victims were found to be wearing seatbelts.  Both were transported to Kootenai Health Hospital in Coeur d’Alene.

These tragic accidents can leave behind emotional and physical trauma.  A victim may feel alone as they try to recover and find a way to resume a normal life.

Protecting a Passenger After an Amputation

Passengers usually land in an accident through no fault of their own. Victims will face steep hospital bills and in the case of an amputation injury, specially-crafted devices and lifelong treatment may be necessary.

A passenger is allowed by law to file a claim for their injuries against the driver at fault in the accident.  These types of claims are known as Third-Party Injury Claims. In a multi-vehicle accident, you may even be able to file an insurance claim against several of the drivers involved.

If the driver is a loved one or friend, a victim may have mixed feelings about filing a claim for damages. Those feelings are understandable, but a victim should not have to feel guilty in these cases. The insurance companies will be responsible for paying out any settlement.  Usually, the driver at fault won’t be directly targeted in a claim. Also consider that the driver, in most cases, would want an accident victim to receive help while recovering.

Contact a Northern Idaho Car Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one were seriously injured as a passenger in an accident in Spokane, Coeur d’Alene, or anywhere in Northern Idaho contact a local car accident attorney.  In a serious accident, you’ll want to ensure your current hospital bills and any future medical costs are covered. A personal injury attorney has experience in dealing with insurance adjusters and lawyers and can make sure you are getting the maximum amount you are entitled to.

Established in Spokane in 1948, Crary, Clark, Domanico, & Chuang, P.S. is committed to providing our clients with the absolute highest quality legal representation. If our Car Accident Lawyers represent you for your accident case, you have our assurance that we will use our absolute best efforts to win your case. Contact us after any accident resulting in a serious injury for a free, confidential consultation and case evaluation. We will only offer you advice which is in your best interest.

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