Spokane Bike Versus Pedestrian

In September of 2017, a 67-year-old Spokane woman was seriously injured while walking on the Spokane River Centennial Trail that runs through Kendall Yards when she was hit by a cyclist. According to witnesses, the cyclist yelled “Hot Pizza” just before he ran into her and knocked her down.

He immediately got up and yelled at her for being in her way. She suffered a fractured elbow, deep bruising and a damaged knee. The cyclist was also injured sustaining a broken nose and a re-fractured hand that was healing from a previous bike accident.

This story thankfully didn’t end in a tragedy—as some do—but it does highlight a growing problem with the city of Spokane. As the city moves forward with its initiatives to push people out of their cars and using alternative means of transportation, accidents like these will increase.

Pedestrian-Bike Safety Concerns

In Spokane, it’s illegal to ride a bicycle on the city sidewalks. This to allow pedestrians the ability to walk without fear of being run into by a cyclist. The city has an increasing number of street bike lanes where bikes can ride, and if there is no lane, then they are allowed on the streets with motor vehicle traffic.

However, on shared use bike paths like the Centennial Trail, cyclists and pedestrians use the same space, and cyclists are allowed to use any sidewalks along those trails.

Bike-Pedestrian Injuries

As the above accident shows, bike and pedestrian accidents can end in serious injury and fatality. With Spokane adding ebikes, scooters and more alternative forms of travel, these injuries are going to continue. Local emergency rooms have seen an increase in certain injuries that have come from pedestrian and bike accidents. Some of these are:

  • Head/facial injuries
  • Shattered wrists/elbows
  • Broken arms/legs
  • Road rash
  • Deep contusions

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