Assertion of your Rights Card – Washington State DUI

March 7, 2017

DUI is a crime of opinion. Many times, the officer stops a person for a simple traffic infraction, however, based on the driver’s behavior, statements and physical characteristics, such stops turn into full blown DUI investigations. You have the right against self-incrimination. The officer is attempting to gather evidence for his case and he is asking you to help him.

If an officer wants you to perform field tests or a breath test, request to speak with Attorney Dean Chuang at 509-926-4900.

Print out this Assertion of Rights card and keep it with your registration and proof of insurance:

Assertion of Rights


I will provide my driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance.

I will sign a citation, if any, then I want to leave immediately.

I will not answer any questions without an attorney present.

I do not have to do “Field Sobriety Tests” and I refuse to do them.

I do not consent to or want to be recorded.

I do not consent to my person, car or other property being searched.

If I am arrested I want an attorney now. I do not waive my rights.

If you want me to take a breath or blood test, I want to talk to my attorney, Dean Chuang first.

CALL 509-926-4900 (24 hours)

If he cannot be reached, I want to talk to a public defender or some other attorney.

I will submit to a breath or blood test. If I am requested to take a breath or blood test I also want an additional legal blood test.

If I am not under arrest I want to leave. Please tell me so I may lock my car and walk away.


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