Accidents in Snowy Conditions Along Hwy 195 in Pullman WA

April 12, 2021

When weather affects travel conditions in eastern Washington, drivers are required to slow down accordingly. The speed limit is no longer the posted limit on signs. When snow and ice make driving treacherous motorists are required to travel at a speed safe for conditions. That means proceeding slow enough to prevent a loss of control and an accident.

Drivers who travel as if road conditions are clear and dry put every other motorist and passenger at risk. Careless and reckless drivers can still be held accountable for the accidents and injuries they cause no matter how much precipitation is on road surfaces.

Car Accidents Leaves Several Injured Near Pullman

Snowy conditions made driving difficult around Pullman, Washington Saturday morning and may have contributed to at least two accidents. The Moscow-Pullman Daily News reports that the first accident occurred around 9 a.m on U.S. Highway 195 near the intersection of Gimlin Road on April 10, 2021.

Emergency officials say the collision involved two vehicles. One person was taken to Pullman Regional Hospital with injuries.

About an hour later, a second accident occurred. This crash also occurred on U.S. Highway 195 just south of Pullman. Three vehicles crashed near milepost 14. Emergency responders knew there were injuries involved but did not know how many.

Overall, officials with Pullman Regional Hospital said they treated five patients with injuries sustained in traffic collisions that morning on Highway 195. Two were released from the hospital by the afternoon. Three were being evaluated. One of those patients was in critical but stable condition.

Seeking Support for Accident Victims in Pullman

After an accident involving icy weather, injured victims might assume that they won’t get help with the costs of hospital bills and the loss of wages from missed hours at work. This isn’t true. A driver can still have to accept blame in an accident no matter the conditions.

If an at-fault driver traveled at unsafe speeds or proceeded recklessly and caused a collision then his or her insurance company can be called upon for help. Innocent victims can file a claim for damages with the insurance company covering the driver. This claim can ask for assistance with immediate medical care and any care expected to be required in the months ahead.

Missed paychecks at work can also be reimbursed. The bottom line is that insurance agents should be paying for any consequence victims must endure as a result of a crash. Victims must earn enough compensation to heal with the best treatment possible and also have enough provided to be able to return their lives back to normal.

Contact a Pullman Car Accident Lawyer

Crary, Clark, Domanico, & Chuang, P.S. is committed to protecting victims across eastern Washington and in Pullman. When a careless driver lands you with an injury it can be hard to determine just how much you’ll need to make a full recovery and get your life back on track. You need a legal expert with you every step of the way as you deal with insurance agents who are worried about saving money rather than what’s best for your health.

Contact us after any accident resulting in a serious injury for a free, confidential consultation and case evaluation. We will only offer you advice which is in your best interest.

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