Route 95 Crash in Sagle Idaho Injures Spokane Valley Residents

December 14, 2016

The Bonner County Daily Bee is reporting that 3 people were involved in an accident on US 95 on December 11, 2016. According to the article, a man from Canada drifted into oncoming traffic and hit a Chevy truck a man and his child were in head on.

Thankfully, a tractor trailer approaching the accident scene was able to negotiate his truck through the accident debris without hitting the damaged vehicles.

While the article does not state the extent of the injuries, we do hope that everyone involved in this accident makes a speedy and complete recovery.

For more information on that crash, read the Bonner County Daily Bee’s article here.

Rear Facing Safety Seats

Not only is it Idaho and Washington law that infants sit in rear facing car seats, research shows that children under the age of 2 are drastically less likely to die or be severely injured when in a rear facing safety seat.

In this particular accident, the driver from Spokane Valley was in a Chevy Silverado when a car entered their lane. When a car enters your lane there is often nowhere to go and a collision can be impossible to avoid. Thankfully, the infant in this accident was in a rear facing safety seat.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has some great advice on when it is safest for children to move from car seat to car seat, and why. For example, a state law may require a child to be in a rear facing car seat until age 1, or 20lbs, but the AAP may recommend age 2, or 40lbs. In an accident such as this one, your child’s weight will usually be more evenly distributed upon impact, drastically reducing the chances of severe injury.

For maximum protection of your child, please check out the recommendations here.

Injury claims and Canadian Drivers

The accident above, for example, was allegedly caused by a driver from British Columbia in Idaho involving a resident of Washington.

In cases where one driver in particular is clearly at fault, an insurance company may be cooperative and take care of property damage. As for medical claims, future medical expenses, and other damages, it depends on a wide variety of factors. However, when serious injuries or fatalities are involved, it is always best to speak to an experienced accident lawyer.

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